The markethealthfitness website was launched on the Internet in 2021, to be a way to learn about the latest developments in research and scientific studies related to losing weight and fitness and beauty . This website also aims to help people suffering from obesity by publishing topics and articles that motivate the reader to adopt a style A healthy life and leaving wrong habits and behaviors that negatively affect his health in general and his weight in particular.

In addition to tracking new discoveries and scientific research, this site has a special section to motivate the reader to continue his path towards reaching the ideal weight by publishing wonderful human stories and experiences of people who lived bearing additional weights, but were able to overcome their troubles.

In this section, you can also share your own experience in getting rid of extra kilos, by writing to the site via the "Contact Us" page, it will be reviewed and published, as it may be a reason to make you happy and help others.


markethealthfitness website aspires to promote a healthy lifestyle based on healthy nutrition, regular physical activity and positive thinking, in order to confront the phenomenon of obesity, which is increasing day by day, and which includes all segments of society and different age groups.

This site also aims to provide the visitor with data and information that help him choose the most appropriate and most effective way to reach the desired weight.


The materials published on the site are not considered medical guidelines, and do not act as a doctor in any way, but they remain valuable information that will motivate the reader to change from his unhealthy behavior.

The medical information published on the markethealthfitness website is of a general nature and cannot be a substitute for professional medical advice, so nothing presented on the website should be construed as an attempt to practice medicine.


Comments are available to visitors through the website comments service according to the following conditions:

Commenting should be on the published article only.

The site has the right to cancel and delete comments that include personal abuse, out of public morals and offensive to the divine and heavenly religions, and everything that includes any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence, and any user who misuses the comments service will be prohibited. Delete or modify any comment that does not comply with Publication Policy.

The posted comments do not necessarily reflect the policy and opinion of the site.

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