The winter virus is of great concern to children and the elderly

The winter virus is of great concern to children and the elderly

The winter virus is of great concern to children and the elderly
The winter virus is of great concern to children and the elderly

Health experts have warned of a dangerous virus that may cause many infections this winter around the world, known as the respiratory syncytial virus.

Figures from the UK's Health Security Agency indicate that the "respiratory syncytial virus" has become the main cause of hospitalization for children recently.

The agency added that nearly a third of children in the United Kingdom suffer from the virus that causes pneumonia and swollen bronchi, and in sum, 7.4 percent of the population is infected with it.

The situation in Australia does not seem much better, as the country also witnessed a sudden increase in infections with this virus, as well as for the United States, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

*** What is respiratory syncytial virus?

  • The virus is widespread and affects children greatly.

  • Among its symptoms, high temperatures, coughing, phlegm and loss of appetite.

  • Adenovirus or syncytial virus, such as influenza, may be of animal origin or mutated from person to person, and its symptoms are the same as those of influenza.

  • 98% of people infected with the virus suffer from a runny nose.

  • 1 percent of premature babies have risk factors, may develop pulmonary crises, and require hospitalization.

  • Most of the injuries are among children who are two years old, and in the event of difficulty breathing or cyanosis of the skin, you must go to the hospital.

  • It is preferable for children not to go to school, in case they are infected, because the virus is transmitted through breathing.

*** What do the studies say?

A study published in the medical journal "The Lancet" followed the case of 7,000 patients with COVID-19 who were being treated in hospitals, 583 of whom had influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or adenovirus (usually causing colds and sore throats).

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that people with Covid and influenza were more than twice as likely to die, although there was no significant increase in death rates when someone had MERS and RSV.

However, scientists believe that the most likely impact of the respiratory syncytial virus is that some people will get sick with the three types of infection, one after the other, which will be debilitating and dangerous for certain age groups or those who suffer from other diseases.

Scientists stressed that it is difficult to predict the impact that the respiratory syncytial virus may have, given that there have been very few cases of infection in the past two years, due to the closures and social distancing measures that accompanied the outbreak of Covid-19.

Scientists did not reduce the seriousness of the respiratory syncytial virus, especially for children or the elderly who suffer from weak immunity, because it can lead to bronchitis and bronchitis.

*** How can the virus be prevented?

In general, to reduce your risk of infection with any virus, it is important to observe simple hygiene measures such as washing hands with soap and water when touching potentially contaminated objects.

Since virus particles can invade the body through the tear ducts and conjunctiva (the membranes that line the eyes), avoid rubbing your eyes, because your hands can transmit infection.

Vaccinations are the first line of defense against Covid and influenza, and there are many vaccines that are undergoing trials

As for respiratory syncytial virus, it is expected that it will soon be available in the market as a Pfizer vaccine.

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