Medical advice for smokers Quitting cigarettes at this age protects you!

Medical advice for smokers Quitting cigarettes at this age protects you!

Medical advice for smokers Quitting cigarettes at this age protects you!
Medical advice for smokers Quitting cigarettes at this age protects you!

A new American study revealed that quitting smoking, at the age of thirty-five, can almost completely eliminate the health risks associated with it, which means preventing serious health disorders.

The researchers said that if an individual quits smoking, before the age of forty-five, it can reduce the excess risk of death, by about 90 percent, regardless of how many years.

Experts say quitting smoking is a difficult process that may require help from medical professionals.

And a recent American study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that quitting smoking is associated with a lower death rate, especially among people who quit at a younger age. Smoking causes damage to the body and increases the risk of many health problems for people.

Cigarette smoking is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Specifically, in this study, the researchers looked at how smoking-related death risks differed based on race and gender. They reviewed data on more than 500,000 American adults, and noted that quitting smoking before age 45 was associated with a nearly ninety percent reduction in life expectancy. Excess mortality risk associated with continued smoking.

The researchers also concluded that quitting smoking between the ages of 45 and 4 and 60 was associated with a nearly 66 percent lower risk of premature death.

The researchers also confirmed that those who quit smoking before the age of 35 avoided all the excess mortality risks associated with continuing to smoke.

*** Complex calculations

Dr. Waheed Ahmed, head of the chest diseases department at Arpajon Hospital in France, says that the harms of smoking are not hidden, because it causes a large number of cancer diseases, and this matter has been alerted to for a long time.

He explained that the person who starts smoking at an early stage of his life, such as doing so in childhood or when he is an adult, becomes more likely to suffer from diseases caused by smoking.

He added that the age of starting smoking is very important, and it is also indispensable to pay attention to the frequency of smoking, that is, the number of cigarettes that have been smoked, and this means that whoever smokes heavily increases the risk.

And he added that after these very important factors, the talk comes about the role of genes in the individual and the extent of his susceptibility and exposure to some malignant diseases.

Commenting on the study, Dr. Ahmed says that it is theoretical and not practical, that is, it relied on the approach of asking questions to a sample of people, then concluded a number of results, and then explained that the constant in medicine is that the harms of smoking occur through accumulation.

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