Exercising after childbirth... Important tips for new mothers!

Exercising after childbirth... Important tips for new mothers!

Exercising after childbirth... Important tips for new mothers!
Exercising after childbirth... Important tips for new mothers!

Are you finding it difficult to exercise as a new mom, whether it's because you're drained of energy between nursing and feeding your newborn or because you don't get enough sleep; Because the newborn wakes up every once in a while?

But what if you found a way to do some simple exercises, which contribute to restoring your agility to its previous position, in addition to improving your mood and accelerating the recovery of your body after childbirth?

Here are some tips for exercising after giving birth:

- It is necessary to adjust the quantities of food, and to replace food rich in fats and calories with more healthy food.

- In the first weeks of your birth, it is not necessary to do exercises that require great effort from you. Rather, make the beginning just light stretching exercises for the arms and legs.

- Choose simple exercises that depend on moving the torso and standing in place, and that do not require you to exercise equipment or leave your room.

- Lie on your bed, while your baby is sleeping, spread your legs forward and lift them up, then bend them up to the chest and repeat the matter.

- Spread your hands up while you are still sleeping, then left and right and make an incomplete arc over the chest using your arms and repeat the matter.

- If you had a cesarean section, beware of any violent exercises when bending the legs towards the abdomen and chest. consult your doctor; For fear of any damage that may affect the wound.

- If, after a few weeks, you want to use a machine to exercise, a treadmill may be the best fit. Slow down and don't jog or run; Fearing that you will be stimulated by the flow of blood if you are still postpartum.

- If the weather is nice and warm and the air is fresh, put your newborn in the stroller and walk around the house.

- Later, when the months have passed since the birth of your child, leave him with the babysitter, your friend, or your mother, and go, even if only for two days during the week, to the fitness club, provided that you take into account the position of the wound if your birth was by caesarean section. Consult your doctor about the appropriate exercise, even if it has been a few months since the operation.

- When your child can crawl around you and sit, put a soft rug of his own, next to the rubber rug on which you do your exercises, and do the exercises while he is next to you.

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