European country bans laughing gas

European country bans laughing gas

European country bans laughing gas
European country bans laughing gas

The Netherlands announced, on Monday, that it will ban, as of January 1, the possession or sale of nitrogen oxide, known as laughing gas, which is used by many young people during celebrations or social events, despite its risks.

And the Dutch Ministries of Justice and Health announced in a joint statement that the ban on nitrogen oxide will enter into force on January 1, 2023, as from this date it will be included on the second list of the law on opium, which means prohibiting its sale or possession.

Occupational use of nitrogen oxide remains permissible in the medical or food settings.

This gas is used as a pain reliever in medicine, but it is also used for its psychological effects in the short term, during a period not exceeding three to four minutes, when inhaled, especially by inflated rubber balloons.

Recreational use of nitrogen oxide poses enormous health risks, said Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport Martin van Uijen.

We have seen many reports in the news about horrific accidents suffered by people who ingested nitrogen oxide, he added, in statements cited by the statement.

The Dutch public channel NOS pointed out that the use of laughing gas was monitored in 63 incidents that led to deaths in recent years, according to police figures.

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