Benefits of mujang exercises

Benefits of mujang exercises

Benefits of mujang exercises
Benefits of mujang exercises

Mueong exercises are a technique of restructuring the face that the person performs by himself. It is named after the British Dr. John Meo, who is an orthodontist. These exercises have spread on YouTube and other websites. This technique is not new. Some orthodontists recommend changing the position of the tongue in order to define the jaw and correct obstructions. Talking and relieving pain associated with the jaw, and in this article, we will learn about the Mueong exercises in detail.

What are ming exercises?

Mewing refers to a series of exercises that focus on positioning the tongue inside the mouth in order to improve the overall position of the jaw and, according to some claims, can reshape the face.

The origin of the Mujung exercises

The origin of the Mueong exercises originated from an orthodontist in the United Kingdom named John Myo who was in his 90s. This doctor began treating patients in the 1970s using palatal expanders instead of traditional orthodontic techniques such as braces. Although most dentists focus on Despite braces, however, Meo was more focused on appearance and would help patients create a strong lower jaw.

John Mew's son also became an orthodontist named Mike Mew and is famous for carrying on his father's teachings on tongue position and facial construction Mike Mew is a practicing orthodontist in London.

Both father and son were associated with the London School of Orthodontics founded by John Mew, although they were both licensed dentists and orthodontists until John Mew was stripped of his license and the British Association of Orthodontists fired Mike Mew. 

The effectiveness of Mujung exercises

Mueong exercises are said to teach how to reposition the tongue in a new, comfortable position and it is claimed that over time the tongue will change the general facial features and accentuate the jawline.

Many people believe that this exercise helps relieve jaw pain and reduce snoring. Mueong also makes the jaw more defined, which can help shape the face and make it look slimmer.

This technique has been circulated on the internet however these exercises were not created by an orthodontist, when searching on YouTube for videos of people who have tried this technique and got the claimed results they are quite a few.

It is also believed that it is not the Mueong that changes the face, but rather that the lack of practice of this exercise may make the jaw line worse, and it provides corrective techniques for children who suffer from problems with the position of the tongue that may lead to irregular bites and problems with speech, and experts fear that People who need orthodontics or surgery may try mingling instead of solving this problem.

There is serious research on the effectiveness of Mueong exercises in changing the jaw line or that they may help solve other problems. Experts say that there is no possibility that a person who performs these exercises will see a permanent change, as dentists and orthodontists sometimes use techniques This technique is similar in principle to the treatment of various problems such as misaligned teeth and sleep apnea, but these techniques must be part of a structured and proven treatment plan and the potential benefits and risks must be explained.

The question is, are there any risks as a result of applying the Mueong exercises? The answer is yes, because the jaw line is part of a complex mechanism that cannot be changed without affecting other parts. Even if it succeeds in changing the jaw line or changing the position of the lower jaw, this causes other problems, as follows:

Dental disorders.

Jaw joint dysfunction and pain (temporal joint pain).

Loosening of the teeth as a result of pressure and the wrong position of the tongue.

Myung method

The method of ming exercises depends on the tongue, and below we will learn how to perform them:

Keeping the mouth closed and the tongue gently touching the teeth.

Move the tongue so that it reaches the roof of the mouth and press it gently, and a little pressure should be felt throughout the jaw.

Ensure that the airway is not obstructed while breathing.

This position should be maintained as much as possible.

It can take years to see results and maxillofacial deformities are usually corrected with orthodontics or surgery so do not believe that any problem can be corrected quickly without surgery.

In a study to look at the resting position of the tongue with the aim of seeing if any muscle groups act as cues in this condition, the researchers found that 33 subjects in the study showed no signs of altered muscle activity.

Benefits of ming exercises

According to the beliefs of the supporters of the Mueong exercises, there are benefits provided by this technique, such as improving the facial structure. Let's get to know the benefits of the Mueong exercises:

These exercises help treat speech disorders.

Helps treat breathing problems.

Treat swallowing problems.

Helps treat acute shortness of breath.

Treat sinusitis.

Jaw line improvement.

The popularity of mujang exercises

The popularity of meung exercises came as a result of its widespread spread on the Tik Tok application as a way to get rid of the double chin and tighten the lower part of the face, which is the palate line, in addition to fighting skin wrinkles without resorting to surgery and other treatments, and when searching for the word Mewing on the Internet, results will appear. Search as a collection of information and videos on YouTube showing easy facial exercises that can be applied and get effective cosmetic results.

In this article, we got acquainted with the miung exercises, which are considered among the techniques that spread on the Internet, especially on the video site YouTube and Tik Tok. Most of the videos show people who tried this technique and show pictures before and after the miung exercises. Some people say it didn't show any result.

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