Belly fat burning exercises

Belly fat burning exercises

Belly fat burning exercises
Belly fat burning exercises

Exercising or practicing sports and physical activity regularly is one of the best and most important ways that help you lose excess weight and burn unwanted fat, so it is one of the most important tips for slimming and tightening the abdomen, in addition to being a method that works to tighten the body and give it a beautiful and harmonious appearance, and because belly fat is the most It is difficult for most women, so we will show you abdominal exercises that will rid you of these stubborn fats.

Belly fat burning exercises:

There are many exercises that can help burn belly fat and tighten its muscles, and here are the most important of these exercises:

Cardio exercises: such as brisk walking or running on a treadmill, riding a stationary bike, or climbing. These exercises help burn fat stores in the abdomen and burn calories.

High-intensity exercise: such as sprinting on a treadmill for one minute, then walking for the next.

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles: such as squats, jumping, pressing the chest, flattening the stomach, bending the stomach, and lunging forward exercises.

Running: Running generally burns calories, but running on an inclined level or an incline increases calorie burning by 50%.

Walking: A brisk walk daily for 45-60 minutes is very beneficial for the metabolism process, and walking is also useful for getting rid of belly fat and highlighting its muscles, while being careful not to exaggerate the exercise and exerted effort, because this may lead to the production of a lot of the hormone cortisol, It is the stress hormone that contributes to the formation of belly fat.

Weightlifting: High-intensity resistance exercises work faster to burn fat than medium-intensity exercises, and they also help build the core muscles that will help you burn fat better.

Bicycle exercise: You can do this exercise without the need for a bicycle by lying on the ground, placing your hands behind your head or on the sides, then lifting your feet off the ground, bending them at the knee, then bringing the right knee towards the chest, keeping the left foot in place, and bringing the knee forward. The left one towards the chest, and the right one back to its place, while continuing to do this as if you were riding a bicycle. 

Abdominal exercises full:

Exercises for tightening all the abdominal muscles are complementary and essential for sculpting the abdomen and burning fat, and there are several types that you can practice and find good results within a month, and here we emphasize the need to exercise the abdominal muscles 3-4 times a week, with rest days between them, and to be within A complete system for the muscles of the body, in order to avoid overburdening them and obtaining an appropriate result. Here are the most important exercises for slimming the abdomen and getting rid of the rumen:

Sit-ups: Lie on your back and raise your knees, then start sitting and then lie down, while repeating this until the abdominal muscles are exhausted.

Weighted sit-ups: It is an exercise similar to a sit-up exercise, but with lifting a weight with his hands and keeping it lifted up throughout the exercise, and it can be performed on an inclined bench.

Planks: Lie on the floor, in the same way as a push-up, with your body stabilized using your elbows. Maintain this position for at least 30 seconds, while maintaining a straight back.

Lower abdominal exercises:

Here is an excellent selection of lower abdominal exercises:

First exercise:

Lie on a yoga mat or a flexible floor, and then raise your knees up at a right angle.

Fix your back on the ground.

Put both hands behind your back.

Lift your head slightly off the ground.

Start with your head bent toward your knees. Both feet should not be in the air, with your abs tightened.

Do not carry your head on your hands, and make your hands as if they are in the air as well, but behind your head so as not to cause damage to your spine.

Second exercise:

Lie on your back and raise your legs like the previous exercise.

Put your hands next to your body.

Firm your body on the ground well, move your knees towards your body and then straighten them up.

Third exercise:

Straighten your body on the ground and raise your legs vertically and evenly, make sure to make your knees straight.

Make your hands touch your feet vertically upwards, with the need to fix your back well on the ground.

Fourth exercise:

Lie on the mat with your hands flat on the floor next to your body.

Then lift your waist up and then lower it back to the floor.

Upper abdominal exercises:

This set is excellent for upper abs exercises:

Planks exercises: lie on your stomach, center on the arms with the elbows on the ground, make the hands intertwine together in front of your chest on the ground, tighten your body and lift it up, while raising the shoulder muscles in line with your body, install the tips of your feet on the ground, With stretching of the knee and legs.

Exercises using the balance ball: Try to tighten the abdominal muscles while lying on your back on the balance ball, with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor, then put your hands on your ears and lift your head and shoulders slightly off the ball.

Hip lift exercise: Lie on the floor, put your hands slowly on your side, then put your feet on the ground so that the knee joint is at an angle of 90, take an inhale, then tighten your stomach muscles, then exhale while raising the pelvis from the ground a few centimeters, then take another inhale and lower the pelvis slowly, And repeat the exercise 10-15 times in 3-4 sets.

bicycle crunches: lie on your back with your legs raised, knees bent 90 degrees, make your legs parallel to the ground, then bring your left elbow and right knee towards each other with your left leg straight, then reverse the movement, and continue back and forth for a work of 15-20 repetitions, Three to four groups.

Abdominal exercises fo rbeginners:

Reclined Abdominal Hollowing Exercise: Lie on your back, stretch your arms up, then pull your abdomen towards the spine with your lower back pressed on the floor, count to 3 while fixing that position, and repeat three to five times, avoiding the pelvic tilt.

Plank exercise: lie on your stomach, center on the arms with the elbows on the ground, keep the hands intertwined together in front of your chest on the ground, tighten your body and lift it up and raise the shoulder muscles in line with your body, and fix the tips of your feet on the ground, while tightening the knee and legs . Increase the duration of the exercises to longer intervals over the course of weeks, aiming for 60 to 90 seconds.

Modified Side Plank: Lie on your right side with your feet, hips and shoulders joined, place your forearm on the floor, and lift your torso by supporting your arm and knee. Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds at first, then gradually increase the duration.

Abdominal exercises at home:

You can easily do the exercises in the previous item at home, in addition to the following exercises:

Dead bug exercise: Lie on your back with your legs raised so that the knees are balanced with the hips, and the legs are parallel to the ground, and extend your arms straight up, alternately extending the right hand with the left leg and vice versa, switch sides for a total of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Cobra exercise: lie on your stomach and support your arms, then return the upper part of the body to the back, with the thighs and feet continuing to touch the ground, return the head back to the maximum extent, and maintain this position for five movements, deep inhalation and exhalation, or for a period ranging from 15 to 30 Again, then slowly lower your chest again.

Abdominal and waist exercises:

First exercise:

Stand upright with your legs open and slightly bent.

Hold a ball in your hands and rotate your upper torso left and right.

Second exercise:

You should lie on your back, with weights in your arms.

Alternate your legs, lifting your head slightly off the ground.

Third exercise:

Lie on your back and put your hands on either side of your body.

Start by lifting your body towards the top, bending the knee and making it at a right angle.

You will put all the weight of your body on your arms.

Fourth exercise:

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head, interlocking them.

Make your legs bent at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees.

Move your body so that your left elbow touches your right knee.

Then alternate movements with the cup of the right hand and the left knee.

Abdominal exercises for men:

There are several exercises that will give men that flat and attractive stomach. Here are the most important of these exercises:

Cross Crunch: lie down with the upper half of the torso lifted and move in the right and left direction. This exercise is among the best abdominal muscle tightening exercises for men. Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to when practicing this exercise is paying attention to the number of repetitions identically for both sides of the body. In the first period, it is better to practice this exercise in the form of 3 groups, each group contains 20 repetitions, with 10 repetitions for each side of the body in one group, after which you increase the number of groups and repetitions.

Bicycle Crunches: This exercise is similar to the previous exercise, with a difference in the way the legs move in the form of a bicycle with rapid and continuous exchange, so it is better in terms of output and stronger than the previous one, as it targets the upper abdominal muscles as well.

Spiderman Crawl: This exercise depends on raising the entire body using the hands and feet, so that it is in the manner of walking on all fours without touching the body to the ground, and it is completely similar to the shape of the movement of a spider.

Abdominal exercises for women:

Most of the exercises that we referred to in detail in the previous items are excellent abdominal exercises for women. Here are the most important exercises that you must do to get rid of belly fat:

Plank crawl out: stand with your legs straight, try to go down towards the ground until your hands touch it, then pass your body backwards so that it becomes a push-up exercise position, then gradually return to doing the movements in reverse order.

Reverse crunch exercise: Sit on a bench with your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, extend your hands straight and make the palms of your palms facing each other, then exhale and pull your stomach in, then arch your back in the form of a crunch and let out the inhale.

Boat pose: Extend your arms straight outward, until your body forms a V shape. Hold your body in this position for 30 seconds.

Abdominal exercises after childbirth:

Pelvic tilt exercise: lie on your back, bend your knees, place a pillow under your hips, and another between your legs, and your arms should be on the sides, feet flat on the ground, then inhale deeply, then exhale slowly, with suction of the abdominal muscles while breathing, press the pelvis , hold for 5 seconds, then release, with 10 repetitions of the exercise, you can start performing this exercise 1 week after giving birth if you give birth naturally, but if you underwent a cesarean section, it is recommended to wait for 8 weeks before exercising.

Pelvic bridge exercise: You have to lie on your back, with your feet separated, and bend the knees with inhalation and then exhale, accompanied by moving the abdomen outward and inward towards the spine, then tilt the pelvis gently, then lift the hips off the ground in the form of a bridge, and fixation for two seconds, Then return to the initial position, repeat 10 times.

Cycling regularly is an effective way to lose belly fat

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