There are many types of dieting..choose what suits you

There are many types of dieting..choose what suits you

There are many types of dieting..choose what suits you
There are many types of dieting..choose what suits you

How do we choose which types of diet are best, and how do we know that the diet we have chosen is suitable for us and does not pose a danger to us?

It seems clear in recent years that one of the biggest struggles one of us faces is the struggle against our weight. Increasing awareness of phenomena such as overweight, obesity or childhood obesity has led people to adopt and try more than one method to combat these phenomena, especially with regard to diet - diet. The diet aims to build a new menu for the person, and change the menu of the meals he consumed before, which caused phenomena such as overweight or obesity, in addition to changing his old eating habits.

By following a proper diet, a person reduces the amount of food they consume, or changes its types, so that it contains a smaller amount of calories and fat.

The change in feeding patterns began in the middle of the twentieth century. At that time, people began to consume unhealthy types of food that cause obesity. This change occurred as a result of cultural, economic and family changes. Among the things that increased the volume of food consumption causing obesity, the opening of fast food restaurants, changes in the work style, and changes in the family character.

The change in nutrition has led to a noticeable increase in phenomena such as overweight and obesity, and the prevalence of childhood obesity has increased. These phenomena did not only harm people’s aesthetic appearance, but also caused health damages such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, fatigue, physical pain and others. By following different types of diet, food consumption can be reduced, which relieves pressure on the body, and improves the health and aesthetic status.

There are a number of questions that we ask when we decide to follow a diet - that is, types of dieting - and answers to them must be obtained, before starting them. First, how to choose the type of diet to follow. Second, when do we know that the diet we have chosen is not dangerous for us?

But before answering these questions, we answer the most important question, which is: When do we decide to follow a diet? The decision to go on a diet may be due to aesthetic needs, but in many cases, the decision is linked to a health imperative. This is due to a situation in which being overweight, or being overweight, causes health problems that can put the body at risk. In these cases, it will be the doctor's recommendation or instructions, to follow the diet, and under his supervision.

Choosing the type of diet to follow depends on the appropriate diet for the person who intends to follow it. Not according to what we think is appropriate. There are many types of diets offered by doctors or nutritionists, but it is not possible that all of these types of diets are suitable for everyone.

There are diets specially prepared for children, which are suitable for them in terms of the substances they contain, while there are diets that are suitable for adults only, because they take into account the medical background, type of work and stress, level of burning of calories and others.

Diets also differ between men and women, according to hormonal differences, physiological structure, and others.

The diet is also adapted according to the types of diseases that the dieter has suffered, blood type, previous diets and others.

Any diet we follow can be dangerous to our health if it is not suitable for us, or if we do it incorrectly. We can feel danger in several ways: feeling weak and tired, inability to focus, insomnia, feeling dehydrated, low metabolism, which causes weight gain and a lack of some substances and elements in the blood, and others. In order for the diet to succeed and not pose a danger to us, we must do so under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist. Also, it is necessary to persevere and follow the new diet for long periods, and in return it is necessary to do appropriate physical activities.

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