Reflexology at the service of everyone !

Reflexology at the service of everyone !

Reflexology at the service of everyone !
Reflexology at the service of everyone !

Medicine is not limited to modern methods, advanced surgeries, new medicines and recent theories, but rather extends from thousands of years to our time, albeit in different ways. It is known that Chinese medicine is one of the oldest methods of medicine known to man, and it has proven its effectiveness over the ages, as it heals from incurable diseases and excruciating pain, and solves outstanding problems. At first glance, when the word “massage” comes to them, some may think that it is just a way to remove immediate muscle tension or a massage to get rid of fatigue. However, the matter is much more than that... There are many types of massage, and the medical aspect of it is extremely important. Reflexology is emerging as an alternative and complement to traditional medicine because of its usefulness in various fields of medicine. Ms. Colette Awad Kanaan, a practitioner in the field of Chinese medicine, explains reflexology, its dimensions, methods of use and the results of its application. Ms. Nada Zain Al-Din Salha, a Chinese medicine therapist, also discusses the branches of this old-new medicine, and the importance of using it in various ways to cure diseases.

Chinese medicine and reflexology

** Medicine from nature

Man has been on Earth for thousands of years. Successive civilizations have left him something of their impact that works to benefit him and help him in facilitating his daily life. Chinese medicine dates back to five thousand years and is one of the oldest types of medicine known so far. The most relied upon is resorting to nature, but with slightly modified and updated techniques, such as acupuncture, reflexology, and others. Reflexology/Zone Therapy is an ancient method derived from the Chinese and Pharaonic civilizations, as evidenced by the ancient inscriptions on The walls.It is a treatment based on relaxation and massage of the reflex points called Reflex Points.These points are located in the palm of the foot and the palm of the hand.Through pressure on these various points, an effect occurs that reaches other areas inside the body, which are connected to these reflexology points.This science is based on It is believed that every part of the foot and hand follows a part of the body, and by applying pressure on the reflex points, alerts reach the parts of the body that are attached to them, which contributes to relaxing the body, stimulating blood circulation and improving energy pathways, thus achieving balance and balance for the body as a whole.

** Complementary medicine not alternative medicine!

Reflexology works to make the body more adaptable to the pressures of daily life and also helps it to deal with epidemics and diseases that may encounter it, strengthening its immunity and giving it a push forward to move forward and overcome obstacles. But it should be noted that it is never permissible to say that reflexology is a part of medicine The traditional method is sufficient to treat the entire disease without using an auxiliary method. Rather, this method is a complement and not a substitute for traditional medicine at all. It also constitutes a lifestyle that every person should follow to lead a healthy life, by relaxing muscles, exercising, providing the necessary food, and avoiding pollutants and fatigue.

Radical solutions

** Method of diagnosis and treatment

After suffering and pain, visiting doctors and taking painkillers... some may not find the desired result for their problems, as they return after a short period or do not disappear at all, because the human body is a complex and sensitive tool together. Mrs. Salha says, based on personal experience, “Ask an experienced person and do not ask an expert! I personally suffered from severe anemia, successive problems, degeneration, nausea and excruciating pain, and I did not see satisfactory results after spending years in treatment, until I turned to Chinese medicine, which was enough to relieve me of my illness, without consequences or complications. After the diagnosis, which is based on the points in the body by a special machine, the massage is applied either on the palm of the hand or on the palm of the foot as needed, to get rid of the problem. The brain, which is the source of all energies in the body, is connected to all parties, from the hands to the soles of the feet, and is connected to the entire body through a group of nerves that gives an indication of the location of pain in the body. By working on the aforementioned points, the pain is gradually eliminated from the muscle, bone, nerve, or any organ of the body.

** prevention and treatment

Ms. Kanaan adds: In addition to being a line of defense against a person’s relapse due to stress, this science also contributes to the treatment of some pathological conditions such as back pain, constipation, high blood pressure, irritable bowel, migraine headaches, ear pain, neck pain, shoulders, disc pain, weight loss and severe anemia. ie anemia, bronchitis, prostate disorders, impotence, hyperthyroidism, kidney stones, liver disorders, intestinal paralysis, circulatory disorders, hormonal imbalances, hemorrhoids, even heart disease, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and some cancerous cases. It is also very useful for relief from stress, insomnia, sleep disturbances, hair loss and involuntary urination. This aspect of ancient Chinese medicine is also useful in treating acute and chronic cases and various sports injuries.” It is worth noting that the benefits are almost endless, as this medicine has proven its ability to increase mental alertness, stimulate productivity and creativity, and raise the performance of the interrelated functions of body systems. It is also a preventive treatment that reduces stress, relieves stress, helps relax and gives energy. Salha believes that “reflexology and Chinese medicine in general open pathways for self-renewal and revitalization of energy levels following treatment. It also works to free the person from feeling tired and lack of motivation, by improving the level of performance of the whole body.

The application of this knowledge

** Medical Massage

First of all, it must be said that reflexology is a science in itself and not just another name for massage! The ordinary manual massage that anyone can practice only serves to relax the spastic muscles, and may lead to dire consequences if the person does not do it well. As for reflexology, on the other hand, it has its own rules, as it divides the palm of the hand or the foot into a detailed map that contains all the parts of the body, and then medical massage is applied, either manually or by a specialized machine to put pressure on the reflex points and relieve pain. Salha explains: First of all, the expert specialized in this science must identify and diagnose the problem, and then work on pressing points on the hand, foot, or sometimes even the ear, which are connected to other parts of the body. Pressure is applied with the thumb, fingers, or even the whole hand. There are more than 7,200 nerve endings that are stimulated and moved through these reflex points. By pressing them, the effect reaches the glands and other organs, in order to strengthen their condition and correct their illness.

**Method of massage and its effects

Kanaan adds, The length of the session varies according to the needs of each case and each body. During the treatment, the body’s energy is stimulated for self-healing. This science, which is widely spread in the Asian continent at the folk level, is simply based on the principle of massage, but the specialist is following the physiological map of the body. You may feel different sensations during the treatment. It is generally a state of relaxation and comfort, but may sometimes be associated with slight nausea or discomfort. On the other hand, the person may feel the urge to cry or laugh, and may sigh and fall asleep. The body temperature changes either with warmth or cold and a feeling of numbness in the foot or even the body is dominant, and the person may feel tingling like a needle prick in the foot and around different areas. After completing the treatment, the person may experience symptoms similar to a cold, feeling as if the sinus congestion is fading, and may blow up and cough to open the lungs and respiratory passages, in addition to the possibility of frequent urination or bloating and a feeling of increased sweating or thirst or even yawning from exhaustion, or on the contrary increased in energy. However, all these reflexes are only in very small proportions and only last for a short period after treatment, so that the body works to release negative energy and gain positivity.

When to resort?

The human body is not free of impurities, no matter how good his health is and no matter how well he manages himself and avoids diseases. Everyone has to suffer, even if from a seemingly simple problem. Canaan affirms: Hundreds of people may suffer from problems or even diseases, knowingly or unknowingly, as about half of the world’s population is constantly exposed to fatigue, psychological or physical exhaustion, weakness and even degeneration, without showing the real reason for this. Few are those who adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and control their diet. Therefore, simple examinations and early diagnoses should always be done. Through reflexology, the examination does not take more than a few minutes, during which a specialized machine is passed over the hand, which is the center of the assembly of the body's organs, as it serves as a map of it. After that, everyone can undergo this type of treatment, although it is advisable to exclude young children and pregnant women.

Reflexology and traditional medicine

** Indispensable to traditional medicine

No matter how diversified the methods are, the number of means and the increase in treatments, it remains for every person to take care of his health and consult specialists to find out what his health condition is, whatever it may be, in order to work on treating the disorder or disease before it aggravates. It should be noted that complementary medicine, with all its branches, never replaces traditional medicine based on extensive studies, modern research and multiple tests... Medicine or surgery may be the only solution to a speedy and guaranteed recovery sometimes. Also, it is never permissible to go to research centers that claim to practice medicine, but rather the credibility of the specialist must be ensured to ensure that he does not fall into the trap.

** Energy in Reflexology

Over the years, Chinese medicine has proven positives and refuted the saying that places it in the category of “alternative medicine” or resorting only to the old and to nature, as its references are based on proven foundations and study the body and all its organs and functions in order to work on its recovery! In Chinese medicine, scientists believe that there are A subtle positive energy field in the human body, Qi, works to free the body from pain and problems. However, blocking it may prevent healing. Others assert that by applying massage through reflexology, blood and lymphatic circulation is stimulated, and a command is issued to the brain to release pain-reducing hormones in the body called "endorphins". All of these statements are related to health in general, so we must work on “maintenance of the body” and take care of it at all times to prevent negative energy from entering the body, to free it and to acquire and maintain positive energy.

General Tips

Life is not without trials. Each person gains his experience in life from exposure to problems and by working to overcome them. It is not permissible to ignore the idea that every person is prone to health setbacks, so it is not permissible to always be reckless and indifference to health. Rather, living a healthy and healthy lifestyle from the beginning would reduce the incidence of problems and diseases in the first place. But in the event of suffering from it, each individual must realize his interest and rush to treatment to recover without complications. It seems that Chinese medicine is achieving a huge demand from people in our time, as it sometimes finds solutions for those who have not only benefited from traditional medicine, therefore, it opens them to a new energy of hope and gives them optimism by overcoming and overcoming obstacles.

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