Plastic surgery: when is it worth it?

Plastic surgery: when is it worth it?

Plastic surgery: when is it worth it?
Plastic surgery: when is it worth it?

When someone decides to undergo cosmetic surgery, they have to ask themselves, not just what surgery does they want to have? But he must also ask himself why he wants to do it in the first place? Also, he doesn't have to just wonder who's going to do the surgery? Rather, he is obliged to ask himself when he wants to conduct it?

*** Plastic surgery.

We will point out, through the following, to the most important questions that can come to the mind of anyone who wants to undergo any type of plastic surgery:

1. When is it worth doing plastic surgery?

It is known that every plastic surgery has its time, but no less important than its date, is the season in which it will be performed, and among the most important factors that can affect knowing the appropriate time for plastic surgery are the following:

  • The length of recovery period required afterwards.
  • The period of discomfort that follows.
  • Duration of treatments before and after the operation.

There is no doubt that these factors help in the decision-making process about when to perform the operation, but nevertheless it must be taken into account that any surgery may take more time than expected, and the recovery period may vary from one patient to another, as the estimated time for recovery after plastic surgeries varies. Basically between one week and a month.

Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or lip augmentation may require one week for recovery, while tummy tucks and facelifts require a month, and the rest of the surgeries fall within the extended range in between.

2. What is the reason for doing plastic surgery?

On the question about the plastic surgery that a person can perform, each of us answers according to his needs, and according to what bothers him in his appearance, as well as depending on the type of surgery that he thinks will make him feel more comfortable with himself and his environment.

3. Who will perform plastic surgery?

As for the question of where the surgery will be performed and the identity of the doctor who will perform it, it is directly related to the ability to afford the required costs (or in other words, the costs of the surgery), as the costs that a person will need to pay, and of course the experience and competence of the doctor at a professional level that will make him feel that he can have The best results, and here plays a central role.

*** What plastic surgeries are recommended at what time?

It is possible to determine the appropriate time for plastic surgery based on the seasons of the year, based on the nature and type of surgery that the individual wishes to undergo, that is, as follows:

1. Plastic surgery in the winter.

Winter is a good time for surgeries:

  • Face, neck, nose and eyelid lift. During the recovery period from these surgeries, there are not a few swellings, swelling and bleeding, which heal better in winter weather.

  • Tummy tuck surgery and liposuction, because it requires wearing compression pants during the recovery period, and these pants are not comfortable in summer weather.

  • Surgeries that require conservativeness and sun protection during the recovery period, eg peeling operations, breast surgery, and aesthetic treatments such as hair removal.

However, it must be remembered that thoracic surgery (particularly breast lift) and tummy tuck surgeries require a long recovery time, which is not always possible during the winter due to work, education, etc.

2. Plastic surgery in the summer.

It is preferable to perform plastic surgeries that require a long time to heal, recuperate and recover during the summer, and this may be the reason why many teenagers undergo plastic surgeries in this particular period, as they need to stay at home for recovery, and thus, they do not have to lose work or education.

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