Foods to avoid completely after exercise

Foods to avoid completely after exercise

Foods to avoid completely after exercise
Foods to avoid completely after exercise

We do sports to get a slim body that does not have flabbiness, and to stimulate blood circulation in the body as well, and sports rid the body of toxins.

Whatever place you exercise, whether at home or the club, the important thing is that before exercising, we must have a light meal that helps in activity, and not feel dizzy (dizziness), and drink water so that we do not feel thirsty, and so that we are happy to perform the exercises.

But the problem is what we eat after exercise, which may cause our efforts to be wasted during exercise, and thus deprive you of losing weight. So we will get to know together some of these harmful foods, which waste exercise effort without getting the desired benefit.

1 - crackers and salty foods

You feel the need for any salty food to eat after exercise, because the body has lost water through profuse sweat during exercise. As well as mineral salts, including potassium. You resort to salty fast foods and foods, as a quick solution. They are also full of fats and starches. You will not achieve the goal of the sport. You should eat healthy foods rich in potassium, such as bananas and dried fruits, instead of fast foods that add weight.

 2 - Raw vegetables

Eating vegetables raw or steamed is recommended as a food that is beneficial for health, but it cannot replace your body with vitamins and minerals that your body needs after exercise, so do not eat it alone in your meal after exercise, but make it a part of your meal.

3 - Fatty foods

 It is strictly forbidden to eat fatty foods for any reason. Such as fast food, fried foods and rich in oils or butter. As most women think that they can burn these foods easily. But this is very difficult and eating these foods wastes the effort spent on exercising. Because these foods simply raise blood cholesterol and reduce the production of glycogen that your muscles and liver need. Thus, it threatens you with heart disease. Completely refrain from eating fatty foods after exercise.

 4 - Pieces of sweets and chocolates

Candy and chocolate are fast foods that provide us with energy and sugars necessary for the state of hunger, which we are in after exercise. But these foods are recommended before exercise to give us energy, not after exercise. But if you eat it after a workout with its large amounts of sugar, all your efforts will be in vain. As for the sugars and chocolate that you ate, it will act as a stimulant for the mind, and cause insomnia and difficulty sleeping, and a feeling of stress and extreme fatigue, and you think that exercise is the reason.

 5 - Drinking carbonated water and sugars

 A common mistake is drinking soda or candy after a workout because we feel thirsty and tired. These foods are rich in sugars and high in calories. It therefore reduces the good metabolism of the body and hinders the digestion process, thus not losing weight. Because you are simply trying to burn fat and get a slim and toned body during exercise, and then you destroy that by eating these foods and drinks.

 6 - pastries and baked goods

 These foods we eat quickly to give a sense of satiety and fullness for long periods after exercise, and therefore it is possible that we do not eat lunch with appetite and in the right amount. Also, eating pastries does not compensate the body for the glycogen needed for the muscles, and the mineral salts it lost during exercise. Therefore, it should not be eaten after exercise, such as pizza, and it is preferable to eat some dried fruits with brown bread and yogurt.

 7 - Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is one of the drinks that contain huge amounts of calories. And milk is very useful for the body along with chocolate. Where this drink contributes to improving memory, ridding the body of toxins as well as a sense of happiness. However, this drink is harmful to the teeth. It also does not allow the body to benefit from the calories burned during exercise. Therefore, we advise you to drink this drink before exercise, to benefit from its nutrients, and to ensure that the calories that we will gain during exercise are burned.

Nutrition experts also advise you, before eating any food, to read the attached data in the background, to know the amount of sugars in it, and the percentage of fat and calories, while not taking soft drinks rich in sugar that cause bloating. You can replace it with fresh juice without sugar or just drink water.

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