Breast cancer and modern medicine ... Diversity of treatment options increases cures

Breast cancer and modern medicine ... Diversity of treatment options increases cures

Breast cancer and modern medicine
Breast cancer and modern medicine 

Breast cancer treatment options are increasing year after year, with scientific developments increasing the chances of recovery more and more And the various medical research whose results we hear in specialized medical and scientific conferences, which always focus on prevention Early detection for successful treatment.

Despite the difficult situation and the suffering experienced by the patient during the treatment stages, the hope is to reach safety It gives her a strong incentive towards overcoming these obstacles, in addition to the psychological support and care she receives Palliative care contributes to a large extent to alleviating the disease and its complications. Educating and informing women about what they can do proactively to maintain breast health is what It is focused on during the awareness campaigns that are launched annually in the month of October because knowledge and early detection They save lives, the earlier the disease is detected, the higher the cure rate and the fewer treatment options available.

Because of its rapid ability to split and reach a level where it cannot be dealt with as if it were Detected early, oncologists focus on the role of early screening for early detection of cancer in its early stages It is then easy to control with the available medical means and treatments, whether curative or surgical, which affects significantly Positive effect on treatment efficacy and increases cure rates. In general, there are several treatment options, and most treatment plans include a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, and hormones And chemotherapy, in addition to targeted therapies, provided that the appropriate treatment protocol is determined according to the type, stage and condition of the disease The patient and other details that the attending physician is looking for. This treatment works locally, that is, it targets only the tumor and the area around it, and some others target The whole body. Breast cancer treatment can be very effective, especially when the disease is detected early. Breast cancer treatment often involves a combination of several types of treatments, such as surgical excision and treatment Radiation, hormonal and chemotherapy as well as targeted therapies.

*** Multidisciplinary team

Breast cancer treatment requires a multidisciplinary medical team that includes an internal breast pathologist and a medical oncologist, A breast radiologist, a radiotherapist, a surgeon specializing in breast and plastic surgery, as well as other specialists Psychologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. The medical centers and units specialized in the treatment of breast diseases are keen to use the latest technologies by a team A medical doctor that works to provide comprehensive care and treatment plans tailored to the needs of patients to ensure that they receive the best treatment Caring and achieving effective results. All cases are subject to multidisciplinary examinations in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient, on the basis of which the treatment plan is developed Customized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each patient after consultation between experts in different specialties, ensuring Providing the best patient care.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable while dealing with the medical team because the psychological factor affects Definitely on track. The multidisciplinary cancer care team diagnoses the disease and develops individualized treatment plans, to be completed Follow-up of the case during the patient's treatment and after completion.

With the appropriate medical team selected, the doctor in charge explains the appropriate treatment options for the disease, expected results and side effects What the patient may face throughout the treatment journey and how these and other complications can be reduced, and on the team The medical doctor welcomes all questions and inquiries that are raised by the patient to reassure her. Specialized centers

Breast cancer treatment develops an integrated approach and plans for each individual case, the goal is always to achieve the least intervention It is possible to surgically preserve as much breast tissue as possible, by adopting new treatment approaches For types of breast cancer, especially triple-negative tumors, and modern targeted therapies. One of the innovative methods to achieve this is the availability of pioneering techniques in radiation to reduce radiation doses or sessions, In addition to the latest surgical techniques for mastectomy with nipple preservation.

*** Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has witnessed remarkable developments in recent years, which has led to the rescue of many patients who discovered Their disease is in its late stages, and it is one of the treatment options used to target and destroy breast cancer cells. It may be used with other treatments, such as surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy, to increase The chance of a cure, or a reduced risk of developing cancer again. One of the developments in this field is the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration for a new drug for the treatment of breast cancer called The new drug, fam-trastuzumab-deruxtecan-nxki, also known as In the name of (Enhertu). This drug will increase the size of the category of patients who benefit from these drugs, who suffer from metastatic breast cancer And it will open the way for new studies authorizing the use of these drugs in the early stages of the disease. It is a chemotherapy that is given every 3 weeks to patients with type 2 breast cancer. “unresectable” or “metastatic”; it is a class of chemotherapy drugs Against mutations or receptors "HER2" (HER2) found on cancer cells.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer is given as an adjuvant treatment in its early stages to kill any cancer cells that have not Detected and to reduce the risk of cancer recurring, the doctor recommends adjuvant chemotherapy if the woman is You are at increased risk of cancer recurring or spreading (metastasis) to other parts of the body, especially if Cancer cells are found in lymph nodes near the breast affected by the tumor. Some patients also receive chemotherapy before surgery to shrink large tumors and provide the best chance for the surgeon to remove entire tumor. In this case, treatment may help to remove only the tumor instead of removing the entire breast, as This treatment can reduce the chance of the cancer coming back at a later date. If breast cancer has spread To other parts of the body, and surgery is not an option, chemotherapy can be used as the treatment Initially, it can also be used alongside hormonal therapy or targeted therapy, depending on the type of cancer The breast you injured.

*** Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy enhances the immune system's ability to recognize and attack certain types of cancer cells. Using drugs that stimulate the patient's immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells more effectively. Breast cancer immunotherapy has been approved for some patients with malignant breast cancer who… It was discovered in the last stages of cancer, and thanks to the addition of immunotherapy to the usual treatment protocol, Doctors report excellent results in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer and triple negative breast cancer. Breast cancer immunotherapy stops or slows the growth of the primary tumor for non-resectable cancer As well as preventing the spread of metastases for resectable cancer, preventing relapse after surgery and increasing the effectiveness of treatments Other cancers such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy are in the early stages of cancer.

If the tumor is large and resectable, the doctor may prescribe preoperative immunotherapy along with Chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor and facilitate the operation, and in some cases a partial mastectomy can be done instead of Completely removed to continue postoperative immunotherapy without chemotherapy in order to prevent relapse.

In the absence of surgery to remove the tumor from the breast, immunotherapy is used to control Disease and prevent it from growing or spreading to the rest of the body. This option is used in advanced cancer stages, with active metastases.

*** Hormone Therapy

The idea of ​​hormonal therapy is to give the patient a group of drugs that work to inhibit certain hormones that lead to To the emergence and increase of cancer cells. Hormone therapy for breast cancer is only used to treat hormone receptor positive breast cancers, and is determined by Analysis of blood and body tissues to see if the cancer is estrogen receptor or progesterone receptor positive with a biopsy of cancer cells to see if they contain estrogen or progesterone receptors. Hormone therapy helps prevent the recurrence of cancer and reduce the development of cancer in other tissues of the breast In addition to slowing or stopping the growth of cancer that has spread and reducing the size of the tumor before surgery. Hormone therapy can be used before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor, and it can be used after surgery because it reduces The reflux of the hormonal tumor, and prevents the body's resistance to hormonal therapy, and it also improves the rates of recovery. New treatments that are added to hormonal treatments are targeted therapies that are taken orally because they are in the form of discs. The patient can be given hormone therapy for a period of 5 years or for a period of 10 years.

*** Targeted therapy

Targeting internal changes in the cancer cell's life cycle, targeted therapy works by shutting down chemical signals Responsible for growth and division within the cancer cell, and changing the nature of the protein that plays a key role in the formation of The genetic material (DNA) inside the cancer cell, and disrupting the formation of blood vessels feeding the cancer cells.

Targeted therapy also helps to raise the efficiency of the body's immune system to work against cancer cells, and to include Toxic substances enter the cancer cell only to kill it without harming the healthy cells. It also depends in its work on interfering with the work of some hormones that stimulate the growth of some tumors by disrupting their formation or Reducing its effect on the body.

Targeted therapy is most commonly used in combination with conventional chemotherapy. It often has less severe side effects than standard chemotherapy drugs, and targets cancer cells that carry certain receptors, preventing them from growing and spreading.

There are several protocols for treatment for such cases, and the method differs according to the pathological condition, where treatment sometimes requires a combination Among several types, such as the use of chemotherapy, in addition to one or more types of targeted therapies Against Herr-2 cells; some other cases may need targeted therapy with hormonal therapy, or Immunotherapy without the use of chemotherapy in some cases.

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