Benefits and harms of Chinese acupuncture for slimming

Benefits and harms of Chinese acupuncture for slimming

Benefits and harms of Chinese acupuncture for slimming
Benefits and harms of Chinese acupuncture for slimming

Chinese needles may help regulate and enhance the metabolism processes in the body, by regulating the digestive process and some hormones such as insulin and other hormones, which leads to accelerating the process of burning fat.

*** Regulating appetite hormones.

Acupuncture sessions help to suppress appetite and regulate digestion by stimulating the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for controlling appetite, and leptin, which is responsible for the process of storing fat and also which contributes to slimming and weight loss.

*** Reducing mood and stress hormones.

Chinese needles can help lose weight by affecting the level of cortisol, a hormone whose levels rise in cases of stress and anxiety, and its increase leads to weight gain. Chinese needles help reduce the level of this hormone, which contributes to reducing obesity. On the other hand, the benefits of Chinese needles for slimming may be achieved by stimulating the nervous system to secrete endorphins, which in turn contribute to suppressing appetite and improving mood.

*** How do you use Chinese needles for slimming?

Therapists assert that any acupuncture treatment will be more effective when the patient changes his eating habits and lifestyle, such as exercise, sleep regimen and stress relief. Its role is to promote weight loss in cooperation with traditional methods, so it is okay to try it if there are no contraindications to its procedure.

During the procedure, the practitioner will insert a small, thin needle into specific points all over the body. You will feel some tingling when the needles are inserted.

After the needles are inserted, the therapist will let you rest for some time, from a few minutes to an hour, and then the practitioner will remove them to complete the session.

*** Types of Chinese needles used in slimming.

1 - Ear needles

It is possible to make stitches from two to five needles in the slimming points in the ear. The ear contains ninety points, ten of which are for weight loss. A set of needles is placed in one ear for a week and then transferred to the other ear for another week.

2 - needles for the body

It is inserted in the areas where fat accumulates in the body, such as the abdomen and buttocks, and each needle is left for about half an hour. Three sessions are done every week. It is worth noting that body needles differ in size and length from ear needles.

*** Side effects and symptoms of Chinese needles:

Chinese needles are characterized as not causing any harm or side effects to the body, but some warnings about Chinese needles must be addressed:

Side effects include pain at the needle prick site, or slight bleeding or bruising at the needlestick site.

In some cases, medical advice is necessary before performing acupuncture, as it may be prohibited in the following cases:

  • Having hemorrhagic diseases or taking diluted medications, as their risk of bleeding may increase.
  • Prevents acupuncture in certain areas of the pregnant woman may stimulate premature labour.
  •  Acupuncture should not be used in areas affected by infections, ulcers, scars and tumors, and if a pacemaker is installed, as the needles may affect the work of the device.

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