7 ways to lose weight .. get to know them

7 ways to lose weight .. get to know them

7 ways to lose weight .. get to know them
7 ways to lose weight .. get to know them

One of the things that most concern many people is how to lose weight. Excess weight not only harms the general appearance, which everyone wants to maintain in the best way, but it is also harmful to the health level, causing many diseases such as pressure, diabetes, heart disease and a lot that deserves a topic. singularly to mention its risks, so there are universally followed ways to reduce weight gain without following a harsh diet, and perhaps the most important of them are:

1- Determining the time of the meal: Eat at a slow rate for only 20 minutes per meal, this is one of the best habits that help reduce weight, and try to taste every bite of food.

2- Get enough sleep: Sleeping an extra number of hours a day will reduce weight by about 7 kilos each year, according to research from the University of Michigan, which confirms that sleep reduces the calorie rate by 6%, and sleep works in another way. sleeping a lot.

3- Eating vegetables: Before the main meal, it is recommended to drink lemon juice and eat a plate that contains three types of vegetables. It is also possible to eat fruits before the meal. This is a great way because the fiber in vegetables, fruits and water makes a person feel full and thus helps reduce high-calorie food intake. thermal.

4- Eating soup: Before and during lunch, it is recommended to eat vegetable soup that is low in salt, because it reduces the speed of eating, in addition to a quick loss of appetite.

5- Your old clothes: In the place you sit the most, put one of your old clothes before you gain weight, or buy a size that you want to wear one day and put it in front of you constantly so that it will be a reward for you if you are regular on all the steps.

6- Reduce sugars: Replace sugary drinks with water or natural fruit juice and you will save 10 units of sugar, and there is a study confirming the saving of more than 450 calories from this step only, equivalent to losing 1 kilogram every month.

7- Long and thin glasses: One effective way to reduce the intake of soda or sugary drinks is to use tall and thin glasses instead of wide and short, which make you drink 30% less juice or soda.

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