5 signs that your diet is a problem

5 signs that your diet is a problem

5 signs that your diet is a problem
5 signs that your diet is a problem

Many try to lose their excess weight for health purposes or even to appear socially acceptable, but failure faces many, so what is the reason?

The health website novanthealth says that if you're like the 50 percent of Americans who have decided to shed their pounds, there's one problem: Diet doesn't work.

The site cited a study saying that 20 percent of those who suffer from excess weight are actually able to lose weight and maintain their new weight, while the other 80 percent cannot maintain the pace of weight loss, but on the contrary, they face the risk of weight-related health problems. Excess, such as heart disease and cancer.

Nutrition expert Jennifer Anderson says that it has been proven that relying on healthy nutrition and regular physical exercise is the most verifiable and sustainable way.

She added that this system allows the person to get used to the new health practices and gives the body the ability to adapt to the new situation, unlike the harsh diet that focuses on losing weight at a record speed.

 And I spotted 5 common mistakes in diets used to lose weight:

** The plan aims to achieve unrealistic results:

Promises of drastic changes to the diet are a dangerous signal, as the diet that guarantees weight loss in an ultra-fast way includes illogical results such as losing 9 kilograms per week.

These harsh diets do lead to weight loss, but it is widely possible that a person will not continue with them, and lead to depriving the body of many of the nutrients it needs.

The body breaks down muscle tissue when the number of calories entering the body is dramatically reduced, which leads to a slower metabolism and an increase in body fat when weight is regained.

** Not sustainable:

There are many obstacles in the way of a proper diet that prevent its continuation, although it is the most important thing in it.

Diet experts say that diets that include shopping and preparing complex meals impede the sustainability of the weight loss task, as well as the presence of foods that people do not want.

Is it reasonable to spend your life drinking cabbage soup?

** Meals are not economically proportional:

Some of the meals required of those who want to lose weight are very expensive, such as prepackaged foods.

The main question here is: Is man able or willing to pay for new food products for the long term? Realistically, it doesn't look like most of us will continue to do so.

As for those who enjoy cooking, it is possible to consult a dietitian to advise them on how to save food to be eaten at a later time in order to preserve the nutrients in it.

** The diet includes unsuitable foods:

There is a dangerous indicator in the matter of diet, which is the way of thinking that looks at food in black and white only, so that it is either good or it is bad.

Some consider all kinds of sugar bad and force themselves not to eat it, but in fact this method is inflexible, as the moment we deprive ourselves of something it is likely to become more tempting.

Therefore, trying to adhere to a strict diet, may lead to giving in to cravings may later lead to a feeling of regret, which means failure in the long run.

So, following a flexible eating plan like the Mediterranean diet means you can eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are full of fiber and nutrients.

** Good diet but no exercise:

When you lose a large amount of weight in a short period, you also lose a part of your muscle, although we must maintain it.

Some people neglect exercise after they begin to notice a decrease in weight, which is counterproductive.

But various types of exercise, such as stretching and aerobic exercises, enhance endurance, and practicing these exercises with proper nutrition maintains the sustainability of muscle tissue and maintains a healthy weight.

Study reveals the relationship between late dinner and obesity

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