10 tips to lose weight without losing muscle

10 tips to lose weight without losing muscle

10 tips to lose weight without losing muscle
10 tips to lose weight without losing muscle

Among the women and men who train in the gym, there are those who are familiar with the problem of gaining muscle mass, and these people know how difficult it is to gain an extra centimeter of net muscle mass, but it is difficult to maintain it when losing weight. In fact, after such hard exercises, every millimeter of muscle counts. In this article, we will learn how to lose weight without losing muscle through 10 tips that will help you lose weight without losing muscle, which are as follows:

1- Gradually reduce carbohydrates

You probably already know that the number one rule for weight loss is to reduce not only calories, but simple carbohydrates. Any foods that contain sugar with a high glycemic index. Even if carbohydrates were previously a priority in your diet, do not reduce your intake drastically, the lack of energy will lead to the fact that the body will take protein from the muscles as a source of that same energy. Therefore, get rid of them gradually, but do not make the amount of complex carbohydrates less than 2 grams per kilogram of weight, otherwise they will lead the body to catabolism.

2- Don't miss breakfast and other meals

After sleep, the body especially needs to compensate for the lack of energy, since all glycogen is consumed throughout the night. What will a hungry body eat if it is not fed at the right time - protein, that is, muscle. In addition, when you fast in the morning, the release of the stress hormone cortisol increases, which also destroys your muscles. Therefore, within half an hour to an hour after waking up, do not forget to eat breakfast.

3- Get enough protein

Yes, during a period of low energy from carbohydrates, the body needs to provide it with an adequate amount of amino acids that protect the muscles from catabolism. Furthermore, it is impossible to improve from low-fat protein products, even at a later time. If carbohydrates are reduced to 2 grams, proteins are increased to 5-6 grams per kilogram of body weight. If necessary, isolating protein and complexes of essential and non-essential amino acids will help prevent catabolism even when there is no way to eat.

4- Do not exercise on an empty stomach

Many are already aware of training on an empty stomach, as fat stores serve as an energy source. But it is worth understanding that the muscles after such exercises, especially long ones, also burn . Therefore, if you train or do cardio in the morning, it is best to have breakfast or a protein drink an hour before your workout, and then eat a complete meal that contains proteins and carbohydrates.

5- Maximum recovery

It seems to many that daily exercise is more likely to lead to the goal, but this is not the case. Recovery is one of the prerequisites for gaining and losing weight. After all, the main enemy of our muscles is catabolism, and daily exercise does not allow the body to fully relax, which leads to fatigue and tension, which means that it increases muscle-damaging cortisol. Therefore, it is best to train every two or three times a week depending on the schedule.

6- Get enough sleep and go to bed on time

Oddly enough, lack of sleep and disruption of the circadian rhythm also leads to increased production of cortisol, and we already know what this leads to in turn. Therefore, sleep should not only last at least seven or eight hours, but also occur no later than 11 pm. If you go to bed late at night, the body stops producing the hormone melatonin, which gives us a feeling of energy in the morning. Otherwise, cortisol is produced, which leads to chronic fatigue, weakness, and, of course, catabolism.

7- Provide your body with vitamins and minerals

Trace elements are considered a component of health, they regulate not only the functions of internal organs, but also the level of hormones, and without some elements, the production and breakdown of other substances is impossible . That is why a diet for weight loss should contain not only meat and eggs, but also various types of vegetables, berries and fruits with a low glycemic index.

8- Do your exercises and don't train for long

The main rule of training is not to do harm, it is clearly not worth overburdening the body with unbearable exercises, not only the occurrence of possible injuries, but stress, overtraining, again leading us to the release of cortisol. Also, do not exercise for more than an hour. Because during this time, glycogen stores will be completely depleted and the body will go into the process it doesn't need - destroying muscles to conserve energy.

9- Don't cut fats from your diet

Fat is not only a source of energy needed for carbohydrate deficiency, but it is also an important component of protein transport and absorption. Even if you are losing weight, this does not mean giving up unsaturated fatty acids. If the need for proteins during weight loss increases to 5-6 grams, and carbohydrates decreases to 2 grams, then it follows that the need for fats will be 2-3 grams per kilogram of the body.

10- Don't exaggerate your heart rate and heart rate

Many people who lose weight do a lot of cardio and do it completely wrong. Firstly, daily very long cardio exercises can lead to the destruction of muscle mass, and secondly, this process is also accelerated by an exaggerated heart rate, as you not only exhaust the heart, but the muscle fibers burn faster. So don't do more than 1-2 cardio exercises per week and don't do them for more than one hour. As for heart rate, the optimal heart rate for maintaining mass and losing weight is a limit of 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220 beats/min, the maximum allowable value. The indicated percentages are then calculated from this number - the output will be how much heart rate is safe for you.

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