10 beauty treatments to maintain a youthful appearance

10 beauty treatments to maintain a youthful appearance

10 beauty treatments to maintain a youthful appearance
10 beauty treatments to maintain a youthful appearance

The last decade has witnessed a great development in the field of medical cosmetology, especially the concealment of wrinkles and giving the skin a youthful appearance through various cosmetic treatments.

There are many treatments that aim to defy aging and to give a youthful and fresh appearance to the facial skin without surgical intervention. Choosing between these procedures causes confusion and confusion, so we introduce you to a group of cosmetic treatments to choose the most suitable for you through the following:

*** Cosmetic treatments to renew the appearance.

Cosmetic treatments contribute to making us look prettier and fresher and make us feel better. A good mood gives us the confidence and vitality we need when going about our daily activities. When choosing the right treatment with a qualified doctor, the choice is easier and safer.

We offer you 10 essential cosmetic treatments recommended to hide wrinkles without surgical intervention:

 * Botox.

A treatment designed to conceal wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and on the sides of the eyes. Botox also raises the upper eyelid by several millimeters.

The treatment is very easy and you can return to your daily activities once it is finished.

* Fill in the gaps under the eyes and hide dark circles.

Due to many reasons, hollows can appear under the lower eyelid at any age, which may be accompanied by dark circles.

These gaps can be hidden and dark circles treated by cosmetic treatments consisting of injections of natural and safe fillers, the treatment is easy and the result is immediate and you will not suffer from the question that is always asked: Are you tired?

* Fill the lips to look full.

Lip treatment is intended for people who were born with a very thin upper lip and who want to plump it up to look full and supple, and for older people, because the lips become thinner and saggy with age and in many cases wrinkles appear around the lips.

* Filling and designing the upper cheeks.

This treatment aims to plump the upper part of the face and to tighten the face. This treatment is a type of cosmetic treatment for women and men who need to plump their faces either due to aging or due to fat loss after dieting.

* Filling and designing the palate line.

The palate can be designed by injecting a filling material which makes the face appear more rounded, tightening and giving it a youthful appearance.

* Fill in expression wrinkles.

This type of cosmetic treatment is done by injecting a filler that helps to get rid of all expression wrinkles in the face, which may be medium or deep.

The treatment is short, effective, and easy, and gives the face a youthful, lively appearance, and changes the shape of the face for the better. The treatment involves injecting fillers into all wrinkles, folds, and gaps in the skin that can be eliminated by local injection only without surgical intervention.

* Mesotherapy.

A non-surgical medical cosmetic treatment, and treatment consisting of two types:

1. Injection into the middle layer

Vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and amino acid are injected superficially and gently into the middle layer of the facial skin. This treatment is for people who want to tighten, rejuvenate and maintain their skin for a long time.

Mesotherapy treatment consists of a series of meetings that take place every one to two weeks. Mesotherapy here is intended for the face, neck, or chest area.

2. Superficial injection.

Hyaluronic acid with unlinked molecules is injected superficially. This treatment is intended for small and firm wrinkles on the surface of the skin.

The substance is injected into the desired area, and the treatment takes 3-5 treatment sessions, which take place every 10 days or two weeks.

* Filling and tightening the lower part of the face.

This treatment is intended for women over the age of 45, who suffer from sagging in the lower part of the cheeks and in the corners of the mouth. This type of cosmetic treatment takes about 3-5 treatments that are done once a month.

A substance called Scluptra is injected, which is a lactic acid that fills and tightens the skin to look like after surgery, the result may remain for 3 years.

* Filling and tightening the corners of the mouth.

One of the things that becomes prominent in the face after the age of 45 is the gaps that appear in the corners of the mouth that make a woman look older than her real age, and her skin is saggy.

In this type of cosmetic treatment, easy and short local injections can hide these gaps and sagging in the corners of the mouth.

* Medicinal creams.

Using creams containing active ingredients that nourish and improve the appearance of the face with a medicinal concentration daily will ensure that you get the desired results over time.

In addition, a high SPF (50+) can be used to protect against the sun's rays throughout the year.

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