Toyota offers to buy defective electric cars

Toyota offers to buy defective electric cars
Toyota offers to buy defective electric cars

The Japanese company "Toyota" offered to buy back a number of electric cars bought by consumers, after they were recalled two months ago, after a defect was discovered in them.

Last June, Toyota announced the recall of 2,700 BZ4X cars, the company's first electric car model. At first, the company advised drivers to refrain from driving.

She informed the local agents of the need to receive the cars and store them until they are repaired, with the buyers being given temporary replacement cars.

But it seems that the situation did not improve later, as a new document, confirmed by the technical website The Verge, showed that “Toyota” decided to give more free gifts in exchange for this inconvenience, such as a credit amount of $ 5,000, an extension of the warranty, and free shipping through a company. belonging to it until the end of 2024.

And if the consumer is not satisfied with all of the above, Toyota offers to buy back the car for prices starting at 42 thousand dollars.

The fault revolves around the presence of loose bolts in the wheels, which may lead to their separation while driving, which threatens the lives of drivers.

These cars were intended for sale in Europe, the United States, Canada, as well as Japan.

We know our customers have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, and we appreciate their loyalty and support during the recall, a document from the Japanese company said.

However, if the customer is not satisfied with the follow-up options, we will offer to buy back the car, and it depends on the owner's condition and circumstances.

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