The wasp threatens to invade Britain this summer .. The reason is climate change

The wasp threatens to invade Britain this summer .. The reason is climate change

The wasp threatens to invade Britain this summer
The wasp threatens to invade Britain this summer

In light of the unprecedentedly high temperatures in Britain, the country may be subjected to a massive invasion by wasps, given the availability of the necessary conditions for their widespread spread.

It is expected, according to what was published by the newspaper "The Sun", that the season of the hornet infestation, in the late summer of this year, will be one of the worst seasons that memory will record in Britain.

With the rise in temperatures during the last period, along with the sharp decline in rainfall, the British government was forced to resort to a policy of water rationing on millions of homes, which will provide a suitable environment for the spread of wasps more.

The stinger is also obsessed with sugar, which is an important source of energy for it, so summer parties, filled with sweets, soft drinks, and ice cream, are the perfect place for wasps to infest, too.

Pest exterminators say that the increase in the number of hornets is already leading to 2022 as the year of the hornets.

Wasps usually sting only if they feel threatened and afraid, which means that the chances of being attacked by the insect are much higher if you try to drive it away.

Wasp stings are toxic, and some people may suffer from life-threatening allergic reactions, knowing that after exposure to the sting, it is necessary to wash the affected area with soap and water.

You may also have to use ice and cold compresses to reduce swelling and redness, and it is important to avoid using home remedies such as vinegar or baking soda, as they are unlikely to help you with the pain caused by the stinging.

In some cases, stings may cause severe allergic reactions that require medical intervention, and symptoms include severe swelling, itching, dizziness and nausea, in addition to stomach cramps, and a sudden drop in blood pressure.

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