The hero cat saves the retired doctor from robbery and threats

The hero cat saves the retired doctor from robbery and threats
The hero cat saves the retired doctor from robbery and threats

Cats are known to bring comfort to some, are good-natured and kind, but that's not all, at least for a retired cat surgeon in the United States.

Fred Everett, 68, a retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon, said his cat managed to protect him from an impending robbery with a gun, the Associated Press reported.

The man lives in Belden, Mississippi, and is accompanied by the cat "Pandit", which weighs about 9 kilometers, and is a calico known for its multi-colored fur.

The incident occurred, late last month, when at least two people tried to break into the retired doctor's house in the middle of the night, as the cat did everything in its power to warn the owner of the house of the imminent danger in it.

You hear about guard dogs, and this is a guard cat, Fred said.

He explained that the meow of the cat who was in the kitchen at the time of the incident woke him up, and then the cat rushed into the owner’s bedroom, where it jumped on his bed and proceeded to pull out his bed and rubbed with its claws the skin of the doctor’s chairs, in an attempt to alert him to what was going on around the house.

Then the man realized that something was going on, and said the cat had never done it before.

After that, the man got up from his bed and got dressed, and walked to the hall of the house, and when he turned on the light he saw two young men standing outside the door of the house, one carrying a firearm and the other trying to open the door through the lever.

The retired doctor quickly pulled out his firearm, and the two would-be thieves fled the scene.

Farid said he did not inform the US police of what happened, stressing that the situation would have been different without Pandit.

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