Symptoms of mesothelioma in different parts of your body

Symptoms of mesothelioma in different parts of your body

Symptoms of mesothelioma in different parts of your body
Symptoms of mesothelioma in different parts of your body

The types of cancers are many and varied, and perhaps among them is mesothelioma, a type of cancer that develops in the lining that covers the outer surface of some organs of the body, and mesothelioma mainly affects the lining of the lungs, although it can also affect the lining of the abdomen and may affect Also the heart or testicles, and most cases are diagnosed in people aged 60 to 80, and men are affected more than women, and here we talk in detail about this type of rare and difficult to treat cancer at the same time, according to the British NHS website.


Symptoms of mesothelioma


Symptoms of mesothelioma in the lining of the lungs


• pain in chest


•Shortness of breath


• Extreme tiredness


• high temperature (fever) and sweating, especially at night


• Persistent cough


• Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss


*** Symptoms of mesothelioma in the abdominal lining

Abdominal pain or swelling


• Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss


• Diarrhea or constipation



**** Causes of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is caused almost exclusively by exposure to asbestos, a group of minerals made of microscopic fibers that used to be widely used in construction. These microfibers can easily reach the lungs, and it usually takes a while for this to cause any obvious problems.


**** Diagnosis of mesothelioma

If your GP suspects mesothelioma, you may need to perform a number of different tests, including:


• X-ray of your chest or abdomen.


• Computed tomography, where a number of X-rays are taken to create a detailed picture of the inside of the body.


• Drainage of fluid: If there is a buildup of fluid around the lungs or in the abdomen, a sample can be removed using a needle inserted through the skin so that the fluid can be analyzed.


• Thoracoscopy or laparoscopy. The inside of your chest or abdomen is examined with a long, thin camera inserted through a small incision under anaesthesia.


These tests can help diagnose mesothelioma and show how far it has spread.

**** Mesothelioma treatment

The best treatment for mesothelioma depends on several factors, including how far the cancer has spread:


Mesothelioma is often diagnosed at an advanced stage, and treatment usually focuses on controlling symptoms and prolonging life as long as possible, known as palliative or supportive care.


Possible treatments include:


• Chemotherapy: The main treatment for mesothelioma involves the use of medication to help shrink the cancer.


• Radiation therapy: It involves using high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells, and it can be used to slow down the cancer and keep it under control.


• Surgery: An operation may be performed to remove the cancerous area if mesothelioma is detected at a very early stage, although it is not clear whether surgery is beneficial. Sometimes an operation is performed to stop the fluid from returning by making the outside of the The lungs stick to the inside of your chest, or a tube is placed in your chest to drain fluid regularly at home.


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