Study reveals a warning sign of stroke

Study reveals a warning sign of stroke

Study reveals a warning sign of stroke
Study reveals a warning sign of stroke

Many previous research revealed that many people suffer from depression after a stroke, but a recent study indicated that depression often occurs first, and may be a warning sign of the possibility of this type of stroke.

The author of the study, whose results were published in the Journal of Medical Neuroscience, Maria Blochl of the University of "M√ľnster" in Germany, examined more than 10,000 adults without a history of stroke over a 12-year period.

Follow-up revealed that depressive symptoms such as loneliness, sadness and sleep disturbances often precede strokes, and worsen afterwards.

Depression is one of the most pressing problems in people who have had a stroke and is very common and is referred to as post-stroke depression,Blochl said in a news release from the American Academy of Neurology.

Our study found that not only did the symptoms of depression increase significantly after a stroke, but that patients had already developed some symptoms of depression before their stroke, she added.

She pointed out that the symptoms of depression before a stroke are often mild and may not be clinically detectable, but it could be a clear indication of a stroke.

In the study of those who later had a stroke, 63 percent of the sample had symptoms of depression before their illness.

And Blochl indicated that further study is needed to verify the findings, as the team of researchers did not get an accurate answer about other factors that contribute to stroke, and the possibility of their overlap with depression to cause this pathology.

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