Study: Corona may increase the risk of dementia

Study: Corona may increase the risk of dementia
Study: Corona may increase the risk of dementia

New research has found that people who have contracted the novel coronavirus face a higher risk of developing dementia, brain fog and seizures.

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that experts from Oxford University studied the case of more than 1.25 million people who were infected with “Covid-19”, adding, They found that new diagnoses of psychosis, dementia, seizures and brain fog were more common during the following two years after infection with the virus, compared to other diseases. other respiratory system, such as influenza.

She explained that the majority of cases concerned adults, along with a few cases among children.

The study's lead author, Professor Paul Harrison, from the University of Oxford, stated that people infected with the delta and omicron mutants were more likely to have these infections, compared to the alpha mutant.

He continued, The study concluded that these cases may last longer than the epidemic, and therefore research must be conducted on what can be done to prevent or treat them.

But Professor Paul Garner, from Liverpool Medical School, said the higher risk of dementia and psychosis may be linked to "societal disturbances" rather than the coronavirus itself.

He highlighted: I think we need to be careful in interpreting the small increases reported in dementia and psychosis These, in my opinion, may be related to the societal turmoil we are experiencing after the pandemic period.

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