Signs that may detect men's cancer early

Signs that may detect men's cancer early
Signs that may detect men's cancer early

Researchers have come up with a way that can early diagnose men who are most at risk of developing prostate cancer, in a procedure that saves many lives and increases the survival rate.

The British Journal of Cancer reported that one fifth of the annual referrals of people with possible prostate cancer can be detected early.

He added that cancer cell invasion can be avoided if cancer is detected early, by placing genetic weaknesses among the primary indicators to track the risk of disease with the general practitioner, before referring the case to a specialized doctor.

Rapid tracing of this disease can lead to early treatment, thus improving survival rates.

General doctors in Britain refer to specialist doctors about 800,000 cases annually, suspected of having this type of cancer, which affects men only.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter and published in the British Journal of Cancer, says that cases of 160,000 men can be quickly tracked, while referrals can also be avoided in cases of another 320,000, if genetic risk is considered a factor leading to infection.

The researchers collected more than 250 known genes associated with the disease, and put them in one crucible, in order to know the genetic risk that leads to this cancer.

By examining these genes, the risk of developing cancer can be determined.

Prostate cancer is the second largest cause of death among men.

And men who have had this cancer in the family, such as the father and son, are at risk of developing cancer two and a half times more than others.

Our study is the first to show that incorporating genetic risk into patient risk assessment for potential prostate cancer by a GP can lead to faster referral for those most at risk, said lead researcher Harry Green.

Current prostate cancer index tests give false positives in two-thirds of cases, meaning that thousands endure painful biopsies.

Tests do not detect that 15 percent of men have the disease.

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