Instagram returns to an update similar to Tik Tok .. despite the annoyance of users

Instagram returns to an update similar to Tik Tok .. despite the annoyance of users

Instagram returns to an update similar to Tik Tok
Instagram returns to an update similar to Tik Tok

The “Instagram” application may have retracted its recent update, after it sparked controversy and criticism of celebrities claiming to be similar to “Tik Tok”, but it did not stop its focus on full-screen content until the moment, to announce that it would test high-length images in a scale of 9:16 within a week or two.

Instagram displays portrait photos in 5:4 scale, but the new feature offers support for smaller and longer 16:9 photos, which means filling the entire screen while browsing the content of the application.

Instagram had presented, about a week ago, a beta version of the application that displays videos and photos in full screen mode, to become similar to “Tik Tok”.

But the application is retracting due to sharp criticism, sparked by the two reality TV stars, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who demanded that "Instagram" stop trying to switch to "Tik Tok", and return to its original design again.

User need

As for the secret behind the “Instagram” test for this feature, after retracting the design that it recently issued against the criticism, social media expert, Muhammad Al-Harthy, says that it came in line with the user’s need for longitudinal sizes in displaying images and videos, which imposed itself in recent years and was reflected On the success of Rails in all applications.

And the social media expert adds, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, that the only controller in adding any application to a new feature is artificial intelligence technology, and it measures the user experience by the hour and the day, which benefited the user’s need for the changing sizes of images, especially the longitudinal ones, after That the experience proved to be the most comfortable and receptive among the recipients of services.

And the social media expert continues, The pursuit of each electronic application for the other, by adding the features it possesses, is the competition between technology companies, all of which seek to gain the satisfaction and trust of users, and then maintain their user base, as well as increase them, and then sustain Revenue based on ads that are attracted to the user, and continually maximized.

Dealing with "equality"

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said during his weekly Ask Me Anything today: “You can have long videos, but you can't have long photos on Instagram , so we thought maybe you have to We have to make sure we treat both equally."

And social media expert, Muhammad Al-Harthy, added, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, This was what was required of Instagram, which is late in the way content is presented, as Facebook and Tik Tok preceded it, so it was important to keep pace with these developments, and to test that feature which is expected to increase user comfort and happiness.

The application also confirmed that the new feature allows overlaying color gradients to the bottom of the publications, so that the text is easier to read.

And the director of "Instagram", Adam Mosseri, had commented on the application's retraction from its new design, which he accused of imitating "Tik Tok", in an interview with the Platformer platform, saying that mistakes are what guide a person to change his pattern of thinking to become better.

He added, at the time, that the "Instagram" team needed to take a big step back, and rethink how to come up with completely new ideas We are already working on it.

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