How to lose weight for children ?

How to lose weight for children ?

How to lose weight for children ?
How to lose weight for children ?

Some children, despite their young age, suffer from overweight at this age for various reasons, but obesity is dangerous as everyone knows in all age stages, and it also causes problems for children in this important stage of their lives due to the growth of the body in it, and being a sensitive stage, it is necessary to know how Lose weight for children and not force them to follow harsh or unsuitable diets at this age.

Causes of weight gain in children:

According to the Healthline medical website, the main reasons for increasing the chances of a child becoming obese are the family history and the wrong lifestyle, in addition to some psychological and economic factors, where the child is more likely to gain weight if more than one of these reasons are combined:

Eating foods rich in calories and sugar, such as fast food, sweets, industrial juices and soft drinks, and these foods make the child's diet poor in the nutrients necessary for building the body.

Lack of physical activity for children reduces their ability to burn calories, which leads to weight gain.

When a child suffers from problems or fear, tension and sometimes boredom, he resorts to eating more unhealthy foods in order to face negative feelings.

Family history contributes to weight gain, but this happens when an appropriate environment exists, such as eating unhealthy and high-calorie foods.

Some family economic factors may play a role in children’s weight gain, according to the Mayo Clinic website. Low-income families often have to buy frozen foods, for example, biscuits and nuts, as they are foods that do not spoil quickly, due to their inability to shop constantly and the high price of fresh food.

How to lose weight for children:

Introduce healthy drinks such as milk and naturally made juice for your child, and distribute them during the day to limit soft drinks and artificial juices.

It is preferable to make your child eat whole fruits instead of squeezing them, even if they are better than processed juices, as they are more beneficial for his health and increase his feeling of satiety.

Distribute meals throughout the day for your child so that he does not feel hungry.

Educate your child and teach him how to determine the quantities he eats of foods that increase weight, such as sweets, so that he does not feel deprived and at the same time helps himself to lose weight.

Bring your child some of the foods he loves at home and in healthier ways such as fast food, so that he stays away from eating them outside.

Encourage the child to move and walk daily.

Ask your child to write on a sheet of food items that he eats during the day, then put a circle around each item that is harmful to his health and increases his weight.

Sports is a second stage of the system, in the beginning you should take care of your child's commitment to food, and then gradually introduce sports and through activities such as dancing, playing rope skipping, swimming or participating with school activities, but it is necessary that it be a type of sport that your child loves in order for it to be Fun and not a must.

Tips to continue to lose weight in children:

Drink plenty of water.

Variety of salads and their ingredients for your child to change the flavors so that he does not get bored and loves them more.

Choosing appropriate diets for children and avoiding deprivation and harsh regimes.

You must start with your child from the psychological point of view and prepare him for the idea of ​​a weight loss system, by making him aware of the need to follow and adhere to it, and what will bring him benefits.

Facilitate the regime for the child before starting it, so it is necessary to tell him that you will cooperate with him and will choose an easy regime for him, and it will not be a harsh or difficult regime.

Rely on reducing the quantity for him without depriving him, so the child must eat the same food cooked at home with the family, because depriving him or forcing him to different food will negatively affect him.

It is necessary to find healthy alternatives for the child, so eating at home should be more healthy, such as placing vegetables and fruits in front of him with the rest of the family.

Any decrease that occurs with the child needs encouragement from you, no matter how small.

Your baby shouldn't lose more than half a kilo per week, so you should be realistic and don't put high numbers on him in a short period of time.

These instructions on how to lose weight for children are very important, and all of them must be adhered to when starting to follow a certain diet for your child, and the tips shown to you will definitely help you reach your child to the appropriate weight and shape for him at this important age stage of his life.

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