How long is a person infected with corona contagious to others? A study that determines the duration

How long is a person infected with corona contagious to others? A study that determines the duration
How long is a person infected with corona contagious to others? A study that determines the duration

A recent medical study in Britain revealed that a person infected with corona remains able to transmit the infection to others, for the five days following the onset of symptoms, while several countries in the world seek to reduce isolation measures, in light of the transformation of “Covid 19” into an endemic disease.

According to the British "Sky News" network, the transmission of infection for five days is of interest to people who suffer from mild symptoms due to the disease.

And the study, which was conducted at "Imperial College" in London, stated that two-thirds of those included in the study remained contagious until the fifth day after the onset of symptoms.

In the same vein, 25 percent of the study participants remained contagious 7 days after the onset of symptoms of "Covid 19".

British health measures currently recommend that a person infected with corona self-isolate for 5 days, while there are no legal consequences for non-compliance.

covid two years later

A recent medical study revealed that there is a greater likelihood of developing some brain disorders in people who were infected with Corona two years ago.

According to the Washington Post, this study, published in the Lancet Psychiatry, sheds light on the long-term neuropsychiatric consequences of infection with “Covid 19.”

The study, conducted by researchers from Oxford University, included health data for more than one million people from different countries of the world.

The results showed that the probability of contracting common mental illnesses for a person recovering from corona returns to the "normal level" within a few months.

But after two years of infection, the risk of developing dementia, epilepsy, what is known as psychosis and “cognitive deficiency” is increased in those who survived “Covid 19” disease.

Meanwhile, Professor of Psychiatry at Oxford University, Paul Harrison, says that the study carries two news, one good and the other bad, because it showed the rapid disappearance of symptoms of depression and anxiety associated with Corona.

For his part, health expert David Putrino says that the conclusions of the study are cause for concern, because they revealed the existence of neurological consequences for those who were infected with corona compared to those who did not transmit the infection.

The study focused on the neurological and psychological consequences only, and therefore, it was not about what is known as “long-term Covid”, which concerns the continuation of suffering from organic symptoms such as smell or breathing disorders.

And health data in the United States showed that between 7 and 23 million people in the country suffered from what is known as long-term Covid, in reference to symptoms such as feeling tired and anxious, which may last for weeks and perhaps months.

Experts believe that the number of people infected with long-term Covid will increase due to the persistence of infection, which has become an endemic disease, amid attempts by health systems to adapt to it.

Study: Corona may increase the risk of dementia

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