Because of the Corona vaccine .. Moderna drags Pfizer and Bionic to the courts

Because of the Corona vaccine .. Moderna drags Pfizer and Bionic to the courts

In the midst of the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world since 2020, major companies have raced to manufacture an anti-vaccine, but the matter has evolved to reach the courts today, as Moderna is suing Pfizer and Piontech for “copying” technology of their own” in order to make their own vaccine.

The American company, "Moderna", said that the American "Pfizer" vaccine and the German "Biontech", which is sold under the name Komernati, violates patents registered by the company several years ago, to protect the technology on which its preventive vaccine (Spikefax) is based.

The company has filed lawsuits over patent infringement in a US federal trial and a German court, the Associated Press reported.

Details behind the lawsuit

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use messenger RNA technology to help patients combat the Corona virus.
This type of vaccine works by injecting genetic code for the ascending protein, which coats the surface of the Corona virus.
That code (the RNA), encased in a small clump of fat, instructs the body's cells to make some harmless rising copies of the virus, which trains the immune system to recognize the real virus.

Moderna confirmed that it began developing its RNA technology in 2010, and this helped the company to produce an anti-Covid-19 vaccine quickly after the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

By the end of that year, US regulators had approved the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for use, after clinical research showed them to be effective.

In the context, the CEO of Moderna, Stephan Bancel, said in a statement, The company that developed the vaccine was a pioneer in this technology and invested billions to create it.

The company said it believes that its competitors' vaccine infringes patents that Moderna received between 2010 and 2016.


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