A nutritionist explains what causes weight gain instead of losing it

A nutritionist explains what causes weight gain instead of losing it
A nutritionist explains what causes weight gain instead of losing it

Dr. Mikhail Ginsburg, a Russian nutrition expert, announced that the increased appetite after drinking coffee, leads to overeating and thus to weight gain.

In an interview with Radio "Sputnik", the expert notes that it is not possible to gain additional kilograms when trying to lose excess weight.

He adds, explaining, that metabolic processes in the body take place under the influence of various factors, so it can be accelerated or slowed down. And some believe that achieving the desired goal is possible by accelerating the metabolism process. There is also a misconception, according to which some foods increase the speed of the metabolism process.

He says, People think, that eating a particular product can speed up the metabolism, and therefore they will lose weight quickly. On the contrary, there are foodstuffs that slow down the metabolism, so they gain weight quickly. But in fact, slowing down or speeding up the metabolism with food is something It's unscientific and it can't be.

According to him, coffee and spices can increase the body's energy consumption. But on the other hand, these "magical" substances speed up the metabolism, which leads to an increase in appetite.

Coffee increases energy consumption, and there are spices with similar properties. So after eating seasoned food, energy-rich molecules are formed, which leads to heat loss and energy loss. But coffee and spices give a slight acceleration of energy consumption, but in return they increase appetite very much, he says.

He adds that feeling hungry after eating these products can lead to overeating and thus gaining weight instead of losing excess weight. Therefore, everyone who wants to lose weight is advised to abstain or at least reduce the intake of fatty foods and sweets.

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