10 mistakes that hinder the loss of rumen fat .. Do not commit them!

10 mistakes that hinder the loss of rumen fat .. Do not commit them!

10 mistakes that hinder the loss of rumen fat
10 mistakes that hinder the loss of rumen fat

Some people who suffer from obesity make a tremendous effort to get rid of belly fat, in order to obtain a slim body, but they encounter "disappointing results" despite exposing themselves to harsh diets that deprive them of food.

Health experts warn of ten common mistakes made by some people who want to lose belly fat, the first of which is to focus excessively on what is known as the “crunch” or grinding exercise, which depends on the person lying on his back and then trying to get up while extending his hands forward.

According to the "Live Strong" website, doing stomach exercises is useful, but it cannot focus fat burning in this area of ​​the body, and therefore, it is necessary to do exercises that include the entire body.

The second mistake is not taking enough sleep, because rest helps to better adjust the metabolism of the food we eat and want to burn through exercise, and supply the body with energy.

Experts recommend that the adult person sleeps for seven to eight hours, in order to relax the body and obtain better results when following the diet.

The third mistake is not to do what is known as high intensity exercises, which guarantee a noticeable rise in the heart rate, then the burning of fat increases, and the process continues for long hours.

As for the fourth mistake, it is neglecting resistance exercises such as squats and push-ups, and the reason is that the muscle that is training continues the burning process even in a state of rest.

The fifth mistake is the high demand for low-fat foods, thinking that they are useful, while they may be sweetened with a high percentage of sugar and other flavors, although they actually contain a limited amount of fat.

And if you are one of those who are working firmly to lose excess weight, do not neglect the signals from your body indicating that you are tired and need some rest, because the hormone cortisol leads to an increase in blood sugar, and this is not desirable for those who want to get rid of fat that weighs their stomach, and this is the mistake VI.

And the seventh mistake is to reduce the number of calories significantly, at once, and here the body resorts to a trick in order to preserve energy and not burn it, because it anticipates what will happen from interruptions in the next period, and therefore, reducing calories by a reasonable percentage is a better step from a health point of view.

Eighth, experts advise to be careful to move the entire body, during exercise, because the involvement of several groups helps to obtain better results.

The ninth mistake lies in betting a lot on nutritional supplements and believing that they perform a magic effect, while losing weight requires two things: healthy food and sports.

The medical authorities in the countries of the world do not recommend a specific drug that can reduce weight, and therefore, many of the products promoted in the market do not benefit those who buy them.

And the tenth mistake is not taking enough protein, while it helps the body to what is known as recovery after fatigue caused by exercise, and it also reduces the feeling of hunger, and works to preserve muscle mass when losing fat.

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