Who is Yasmina Zaitoun Miss Lebanon 2022?

Who is Yasmina Zaitoun Miss Lebanon 2022?
Who is Yasmina Zaitoun Miss Lebanon 2022?

Yasmine Zaitoun was able to win the title of Miss Lebanon 2022, during the ceremony that was held for the first time in 4 years due to the circumstances of the spread of the new Corona virus.

The victory of Yasmina Zaitoun, along with 4 runners-up to Lebanon, where Maya Abul-Hassan won the title of first runner-up, Jacinta Rashid, second runner-up, and Lara Hrawi, third runner-up, while Al-Khalasiya Dalal Hoballah, fourth runner-up.

*** Who is Yasmina Zaitoun, Miss Lebanon 2022?

Yasmina Zaitoun is the first Miss Lebanon 4 years ago, after Maya Raidy kept him for the past 4 years, since 2018, because the competition could not be held in the past 3 years.

Yasmina Zaitoun is 20 years old, from the village of Kfarshouba in the south of the country. She is 167 centimeters tall and weighs 51 kilograms.

It is scheduled that Miss Lebanon 2022 will receive a financial prize of one hundred thousand dollars, and will represent Lebanon in the Miss World and Miss Universe competitions.

Yasmina Zaitoun is still a third-year student at Notre Dame University, and she is currently studying journalism.

Yasmina Zaitoun’s winning of the title came after a competition with 17 girls: “Agata Saifi, Celine Saliba, Chanel Al-Amel, ChloĆ© Haoushab, Christina Nakhle, Dalal Hoballah, Jacinta Arab, Jacinta Rashid, Lara Hrawi, Lyn Massoud, Maria Choshani, Mariana Saqr.” Marwa Makki, Maya Abul-Hassan, Natalia El-Sayed, Sylvana Deeb.

*** The first comment from Yasminita Zaitoun.

As soon as she won, Yasmina Zeytoun published her coronation photos through her personal account on the Instagram application, commenting on the photos: "I did it. Thank you for all the love and support."

A large number of followers interacted with the photos of Yasmina's crowning Miss Lebanon, and congratulated her on the victory. Among them was the former Miss Lebanon, Maya Raidy.

It is reported that Zaytoun had 19,000 followers on the Instagram application, and as soon as she was announced as Miss Lebanon, the number of followers increased by more than 72,000 followers, and it is still increasing.

*** Miss Lebanon 2022

Yesterday evening, the election ceremony of Miss Lebanon for the year 2022 began, after stopping for 3 years due to the conditions of the spread of the Corona virus, and the ceremony was organized by LBCI channel in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and will be held in Beirut under the slogan We miss Lebanon. The ceremony was presented by the Lebanese media and artist Aimee Sayah. .

The jury included Lebanese fascistista Karen Wazen, Lebanese program presenter Hilda Khalife, Lebanese composer Michel Fadel, representative of the Minister of Swimming Mohamed Yahya, Miss World 2021 Arolina Bialowska, Chairman of the Board of Directors of An-Nahar and An-Nahar newspaper, Nayla Tueni, director of Caracalla plays, Avan Caracalla, and Miss Lebanon 1993 Samaya Shadrawi.

During the ceremony, the Lebanese actress, Nancy Ajram, caught the eye during the Miss Lebanon 2022 election ceremony, with 3 different looks.

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