Ben Affleck breaks down in tears on honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck breaks down in tears on honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck breaks down in tears on honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez

The photographers' lenses documented, the star Ben Affleck, who collapsed in tears during his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez in Paris, after her marriage, which was delayed for nearly seventeen years.

Earlier, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez announced their engagement previously in 2002, and their first wedding was postponed in 2003, and Ben Affleck announced at the time, "Due to excessive media interest in our wedding, we decided to postpone the date", and after a few months they separated in 2004. Last April The duo announced their engagement again, which ended in marriage.

*** Ben Affleck cries on his honeymoon:

The paparazzi took pictures of Ben Affleck during a dinner held at La Girafe restaurant, which is located in front of the Eiffel Tower, where the couple were present to celebrate Jennifer Lopez's 53rd birthday. "Jennifer" reassured her new husband with a hug after he was affected during the ceremony and appeared crying.

While press reports confirmed that the duo are still planning a huge wedding and a bigger celebration soon with family and friends to celebrate their love even more.

*** Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's honeymoon:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck became the focus of the public in recent days after announcing their marriage in Las Vegas, where their love story lasted for nearly 20 years.

Jennifer shared a letter to newspapers and international news agencies last week, in which she recounted the details of the wedding, and wrote in her letter, We did it, love is beautiful, love is gentle, it turns out that love is patient, even 20 years of patience.

And the couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck caught the attention of the public after their official wedding last week in Las Vegas after 20 years of love, while they were visiting Paris.

The visit of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to Paris attracted the attention of the public, as the famous duo appeared on a street in the French capital, Paris, and the audience's cameras caught the couple holding their hands and walking in moments of romance.

In a video clip shared by the pages interested in art and celebrity news, the duo shopped in a store, and in another clip, Ben Affleck was taking a picture of Jennifer walking together, and the duo sat in a garden in the sunshine for another romantic moment.

*** Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Marriage:

Last April, Jennifer Lopez, known as "JLO," announced her engagement to ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck, after 18 years of separation.

Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez were previously engaged for 18 years in 2004, and their relationship again came as a shock to fans, as they reunited in May 2021.

The return of the famous duo began in April 2021, when Jennifer confirmed the end of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, a former baseball player "New York Yankees", after they had dated for 4 years and were engaged for two years.

While Ben has three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, 16-year-old Violet, 13-year-old Seraphina, and 10-year-old Samuel, Jennifer has two children with ex-husband Marc Anthony, twins Max and Amy.

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