After her separation from Gerard Pique a dispute between Shakira and her mother

After her separation from Gerard Pique, a dispute between Shakira and her mother
After her separation from Gerard Pique, a dispute between Shakira and her mother

It seems that Shakira's mother does not help her overcome her problems with the famous football player Gerard Pique, but rather contributes to complicating matters further, according to Marca newspaper.

*** Shakira's mother reveals her secrets.

Shakira repeatedly asked her mother, Nydia Ripoll, not to speak with the journalists who are camping around her house, but the latter did not respond to her daughter's wishes and decided to reveal her family's secrets.

The newspaper pointed out that Nidia Ripoll's recent statements angered Shakira, especially as she indirectly revealed her desire for reconciliation between Shakira and Pique, who confirmed that she had great love for him.

Of course I would like them to get back together,Ripoll told the Europa Press reporter, and indicated that she would be happy if her daughter and Pique were reconciled, and the disputes between Shakira and the father of her children ended.

Nydia Ripoll also denied that Shakira had gone to live in Miami with her children, saying, I have no idea, we haven't talked about it amongst ourselves.

Shakira's mother confirmed that her daughter was going to tell her that she intended to take this step, and because she did not tell her anything of this sort, all that was said were only rumors and nothing more.

The newspaper had revealed earlier that the Spanish football player, Gerard Pique, had permanently severed his relationship with the waitress he was dating, and that he was seeking to restore reconciliation and friendliness between him and Shakira, after they announced their official separation recently.

Gerard Pique seeks to restore good relations with Shakira, and the newspaper wrote, quoting photojournalist Jordi Martin, He is now single, in reference to his desire for reconciliation.

*** Shakira seeks to separate the walls of her house

For its part, international reports indicated that Shakira is seeking to cancel the lines between her home and her parents' home and the home of Gerard Pique's parents.

Shakira confirmed her desire to separate the houses, as they are no longer one family as was the case in the past, so she believes that there must be no more in common between them now.

Reports confirmed that this step may affect everyone's relationship, as it will increase the areas of tension experienced by the parties, and will increase the gap between grandchildren and grandparents.

It is reported that in the first week of June, after news of separation, betrayal, and the like, Shakira decided the matter, and the Colombian singer Shakira and Spanish football player Gerard Pique announced their separation after days of tense relationship between them, and the press suggested at the time that the reason for the separation was the betrayal of Pique Her, although Shakira's statement was empty since any reasons were mentioned, but the truth of the story was confirmed later.

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