Study reveals the effect of sleep on weight loss

Study reveals the effect of sleep on weight loss

Study reveals the effect of sleep on weight loss
Study reveals the effect of sleep on weight loss

A new study conducted by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark shows that poor sleep can negatively affect weight loss due to many reasons.

The study was shown on a random sample of participants, and it was presented at the European Conference on Obesity, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. The study, according to the same source, suggests sleeping for long hours in order to contribute to weight loss, according to the DW Arabic website.

Sleeping little or uncomfortable sleep was linked, according to previous studies, to diseases and health disorders, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, infections, and others. Now researchers strongly believe that its negative impact also reaches attempts to reduce weight.

The experiment was conducted on 195 obese adults, who followed a low-calorie diet for eight weeks, and they were able to lose 12% of their weight. Their sleep was tracked for a year through monitoring tools they wore, their sleep quality was tracked on the Pittsburgh Good Sleep Index, and some questions were answered.

It was found that those who slept less than six hours per night experienced an increase in body mass index by 1.3 points compared to those who slept more. The same is true for those who experienced poor sleep quality, an increase of 1.2 compared to those with better conditions (quiet bedroom, comfortable bed, uninterrupted sleep).

The researchers did not conclude that poor sleep is the primary factor in weight gain, but they suggest that it does affect it negatively. Several numbers indicate great suffering across the world from few hours of sleep or poor sleep, and the reasons for this are the excessive use of mobile devices, stress and excessive work.

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