For men.. Natural ways to improve sexual ability

For men.. Natural ways to improve sexual ability
For men.. Natural ways to improve sexual ability

Some men suffer from poor sexual performance, whether it is erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, which causes feelings of discomfort and suffering from poor psychological state, and therefore they urge ways to improve sexual health.

In the following lines, "MARKETHEALTHFITNESS" reviews the most prominent tips to help improve sexual ability in men, according to the "Healthline" website.

1- Keeping the body active

Cardiovascular exercises are one of the best ways to improve the body's health, and thus sexual performance, as having intercourse raises the heart rate, but regular exercise for 30 minutes a day can help improve sexual performance by maintaining a healthy heart.

2- Eat fruits and vegetables

Certain types of fruits and vegetables can help increase blood flow, including:

Onions and garlic: May help stimulate blood circulation.

Banana: It can help lower blood pressure, due to its high potassium content, which may benefit the sexual organs.

Hot peppers: Naturally spicy foods help blood flow by reducing high blood pressure and inflammation.

3- Eat healthy foods

Here are some foods that can help improve blood flow and, in turn, improve sexual performance in men:

Omega 3 fatty acids: Salmon, tuna, avocado and olive oil are the most prominent foods rich in them.

Vitamin B1: helps move signals in the nervous system faster, including those sent from the brain to the penis, and is found in peanuts and beans for example.

Eggs: High in B vitamins, eggs help balance hormone levels in the body, which may reduce stress that often dampens erections.

4- Reduce stress

Stress can affect the health of the body in general, and sexual desire in particular, as stress increases heart rate, increases blood pressure, both of which harm sexual desire and performance.

Stress can also affect achieving an erection or orgasm, and stress can also lead to bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, which can harm sexual performance.

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, and talking to your partner about the cause of stress can also calm it down.

5- Avoid bad habits

Smoking and alcohol intake have negative effects on sexual performance, and stimulants narrow blood vessels and have been linked to impotence, according to studies.

Replacing bad habits with healthy ones, such as exercising and eating a healthy diet, can help promote sexual health.

6- Exposure to sunlight

Sunlight stops the body's production of melatonin, and although this hormone helps you sleep, it also reduces sexual desire, so less melatonin means that sexual desire can increase.

Therefore, going out and being exposed to the sun can help awaken your sex drive, especially during the winter months when the body produces more melatonin.

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