8 essential steps to start a vegan diet right

8 essential steps to start a vegan diet right
8 essential steps to start a vegan diet right

8 necessary steps to start a vegetarian diet correctly, as the vegetarian diet is one of the systems that many around the world follow, while others resort to it to reduce meat consumption, cleanse the body of toxins and help lose weight.

A vegetarian diet is one part of a macrobiotic diet that relies on plant foods and completely avoids animal food sources and their derivatives.

But the transition from a regular vegan diet may take a month or more depending on each individual's ability, and it's normal to have some concerns about your ability to comply. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a specialist doctor before undergoing this and other diet regimes.

We will walk you through the most important steps to gradually start a vegetarian diet by changing a few things in your daily routine. But in the beginning, here is a summary of the most important benefits of a vegetarian diet, according to experts on the Web Medicine website.

*** Benefits of a vegetarian diet.

* Promote heart health.

Studies show that people who ate healthy plant-based foods had a 25% lower risk of heart disease, while those who ate unhealthy plant-based foods had a 32% higher risk.

* Decreased risk of diabetes.

It was found that people who follow a vegetarian diet are about twice less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to others, as it was found that vegetarians have a regular level of blood sugar, and they are less weight than others.

* Contribute to the protection against cancer.

A vegetarian diet is usually low in saturated fats and high in dietary fiber, and this in turn contributes to reducing the risk of various types of cancers, as eating saturated fats is associated with a higher risk of cancer, and abstaining from it in a vegetarian diet contributes to protecting these people.

* Reducing high blood pressure.

Nutritionists note that people who do not eat meat have lower blood pressure than others, and that a vegetarian diet for about two weeks contributes to lowering the level of high blood pressure.

** 8 steps necessary to start a vegetarian diet correctly.

1 - Familiarize yourself with the instructions of the vegetarian diet, including prohibitions and permissions, before starting to implement the practical steps, and identify the goals that you want to reach.

2 - Maintain your normal eating pattern in the first period, but with the addition of some vegetarian foods to each meal, so that you begin to get acquainted with these foods or get used to them and so that your body does not collapse and your resistance collapses quickly.

3 - Instead of eliminating meat, eggs, and dairy products all at once, phase out these foods gradually in small steps until you don't feel deprived before stopping completely. You can start by removing one type of meat, then get rid of these items completely, and then move on to stopping some types of cheese, taking into account the replacement of each ingredient with a vegetarian one.

4 - Schedule your daily vegetarian meals, with all the ingredients you need. Add different types of fruits to your cart and spinach, sweet potatoes, and don't forget nuts, seeds, grains like oats and quinoa, and plant proteins like beans and tofu.

5 - Many people think that this system will prevent them from eating in restaurants and outside the home, and this is not true. The truth is that many restaurants offer cuisines dedicated to trying new vegetarian food, and you can even ask the waiter to make some adjustments to a particular dish you want to eat.

6 - Learn about alternatives and try preparing your favorite foods without meat. You may be surprised to learn that many dishes need only simple alternatives. For example, make a vegetarian chili without the ground beef and add an extra can of black beans, or make fajitas with more firm tofu in place of the chicken.

7 - Look online for vegetarian menus that give you many alternatives and possibilities, or buy vegan cookbooks. The more variety in your plant-based diet, the greater your chance of meeting all of your nutrient needs.

8 - There are other steps that you must take into account and pay attention to in order to obtain greater returns from the vegetarian diet, the most important of which is exercise of any kind.

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