5 simple steps to lose weight that benefit everyone

5 simple steps to lose weight that benefit everyone
5 simple steps to lose weight that benefit everyone

Simple steps to lose weight, perhaps they will be ideal solutions that benefit everyone to get rid of the extra kilograms in a healthy way. Despite the spread of healthy and harsh diets on the media scene and social networking sites, we warn against following them without consulting a specialist doctor, in order to determine a balanced diet appropriate for the nature of the body and its health condition.

But in the next lines we aim to provide simple steps that can help lay a healthy foundation for consistent weight loss for the vast majority of overweight cases, according to a report in the Hindustan Times.

During the past few hours, health experts, including nutritionist Dexa Bhavsar, revealed that developing a daily routine contributes to maintaining fitness and enhancing immunity, which is the right way to lose weight.

In addition, the nutrition expert in Bhavsar explained that a woman's commitment to following 5 very simple steps may contribute to her losing weight without suffering permanently, and she also emphasized that the intermittent fasting diet is best for those who want to lose weight but hate counting calories.

Accordingly, we discussed obesity and thinness consultant, Dr. Hisham Al-Wasif from Cairo, about the benefits of the simple steps provided by the nutrition expert at Harvsar via the Internet and social networking sites.

From this point of view, get to know with us, dear, the most important 5 simple steps to lose weight without wasting public health.

*** Consistent and healthy weight loss.

According to nutrition expert Dexa Bhavsar via Hindustan Times, here are 5 simple steps to lose weight healthily, as follows:

1 - circadian rhythm fasting system

It is a healthy system that can be an alternative to the caloric system, as it relies on eating during the daylight hours between sunrise and sunset, that is, "eating for 12 hours in moderate quantities and fasting for 12 hours." For example, eat breakfast at 7-8 in the morning and dinner by 7-8 in the evening, while no food or drinks except water is eaten until the next day.

2 - Curb the appetite with warm water

Warm water helps to suppress food cravings and gives a feeling of fullness. In addition, it is the best way to flush out toxins from the body and aid in proper digestion and excretion.

3 - Avoid sugary foods and fried foods

It has been shown that avoiding foods with a high sugar content, fried meals or processed foods, contributes to rapid weight loss, and reduces the burden and pressure on the liver, facilitating the process of digestion and detoxing perfectly. It also reduces inflammation in the intestines and allows optimal nutrition absorption from the foods eaten.

4 - physical movement

Doing simple exercises is one of the important steps to lose weight properly, as it helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body, to provide enough nutrition and oxygen to all cells of the body and helps to eat consciously.

5 - Quality of sleep

It improves sleep by 10 pm to get rid of liver toxins, which is usually done from 10 pm until 2 am, which is the dominant time that facilitates weight loss in the fastest time, especially if the woman eats dinner early before 8 pm.

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