5 effective solutions if you suffer from the accumulation of fat in the arms

5 effective solutions if you suffer from the accumulation of fat in the arms
5 effective solutions if you suffer from the accumulation of fat in the arms

5 effective solutions if you suffer from the accumulation of fat in the arms, as arm fat is one of the annoying things that many women may suffer from.

And the accumulation of fat in the arms can be eliminated by losing weight from the entire body and losing fat and not by losing fat from one specific area without the other, through changing the daily lifestyle, exercising that burns calories in the body, and following a healthy diet Reducing calorie consumption to promote weight loss and body fat loss.

But at first, let's get to know the causes of fat accumulation in the arms.

*** Causes of fat accumulation in the arms.

* Lack of exercise

It is one of the main reasons for the appearance of sagging and fat in various parts of the body, including the arms area, so fat accumulates and looks unpleasant.

* Aging

The cause of the accumulation of fat in the arms may be due to the natural changes that occur with age, as body fat tends to increase with decrease in muscle, and the rate of collagen protein in the body decreases.

* Genetic factors

Genetic factors greatly contribute to how fat is distributed, especially in the arms.

* Obesity

People may develop arm fat if they are overweight or obese.

* Hormonal changes

Hormones are sometimes one of the reasons for the accumulation of fat in the arms in women, as the testosterone hormone is lower in women compared to men, which leads to an increase in the accumulation of fat, especially in the arms and buttocks, especially if the woman’s lifestyle lacks sports and movement.

*** 5 effective solutions to get rid of the accumulation of fat in the arms

1 - Doing exercises: that increase the heart rate and that help burn fat more, such as jogging and rope skipping. Also, carrying weights helps to increase and strengthen muscle mass in the arms, and although it does not help in burning fat in the arms only, it helps in burning it throughout the body.

2 - Stay away from eating processed carbohydrates: where there are a lot of calories, and there are fewer minerals, vitamins, and sugar, which increases the rate of accumulated fat, including those that accumulate in the arms, including white bread and pasta.

3 - Make sure to sleep a sufficient number of hours at night: a study found that this may help reduce appetite and burn fat.

4 - Adding protein to the diet: Protein boosts metabolism and burns excess fat, and helps increase your feeling of satiety.

5 - Eating dietary fiber: which will help reduce excess fat in the body, including those accumulated in the arms.

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