Tighten loose skin without surgery

Tighten loose skin without surgery
Tighten loose skin without surgery

There is no woman who does not care about her appearance and beauty, and this beauty will not be complete without tight skin without sagging skin in children, and with age, surrounding factors, psychological and physiological changes, gaining and not losing weight, and losing weight in close times, the appearance of the skin changes and its elasticity changes, which contributes to the appearance of cellulite under Skin and annoying sagging.

Some women resorted to natural recipes or wearing corsets, and other methods that help tighten the body and maintain a slim figure, but these were not final solutions to sagging skin, they are only temporary or apparent solutions, and they do not suit all areas of the body.

Cosmetic doctors have been interested in finding solutions to this problem for many years, such as collagen production, and have tried to devise methods and techniques that give satisfactory results and are suitable for all parts of the body through ultrasound.

Surgery was the first method that was devised to obtain tight skin without sagging, but the main problem was that it was surgery, a word that frightens many people, and although it is largely safe, this did not attract some to the demand for tightening surgery. saggy skin;

Then the methods and procedures used to tighten the skin developed, so techniques for tightening loose skin appeared without surgery, which are suitable for tightening the sagging of the abdomen, buttocks, arms and other different areas of the body, but these techniques are not suitable for severe cases of excessive skin sagging, but they are suitable for simple and medium sagging, and we will learn about those techniques And we answer some of the questions you have in mind.

What are the techniques of skin tightening without surgery?

There is more than one technique to tighten loose skin without surgery, the most famous of which is the laser technique to tighten all parts of the body, and there is also a thread technique, but it is used only to tighten the skin of the face, neck and sometimes the breast.

The laser technique is the most popular in the field of tightening loose skin, and it is especially suitable for tightening the sagging skin of the abdominal area without surgery, as most women resort to it after childbirth due to its safety and amazing results. Laser fat.

Devices used for laser body tightening in cosmetic clinics

There are many devices used to tighten sagging skin without surgery, and each device has a different way of working from other devices, there are devices that work with laser beams only, and there are devices that combine the use of laser light, radio waves or ultrasound, and there are devices that break down fat under Laser skin and skin tightening at the same time, and it is the latest among all types of laser devices, and the following are some of the most popular types found in beauty centers and clinics.

Accent device: It is one of the famous devices in the field of tightening the sagging skin of the abdomen without surgery, and it is used in many clinics and beauty centers.

BeautyDom device: This device combines a laser beam and radio waves to get the best results, and it is preferable to use this device after childbirth to tighten the sagging skin of the abdomen without surgery.

Lumisil Touch: It is a device that works to tighten sagging skin without surgery by using ultrasound waves with a laser, which gives quick and wonderful results, as well as works to break up fat and remove cellulite.

The best body toning and tightening device

It is not possible to determine a specific device as the best device for tightening loose and sagging skin without surgery, but in general, several criteria can be set to evaluate the device that is best for you, and these criteria include:

  • The suitability of this device for your skin type and color
  • The number of sessions you need to reach the desired result
  • Treatment costs with this device

Of course, the higher the capabilities of the device, and the more technology it combines in its use, the better.

Laser devices to tighten sagging skin at home

Recently, some devices that can be used at home to tighten loose skin have appeared. They are easy to use and their costs are low compared to the costs of laser devices to tighten loose skin in cosmetic clinics.

As for its results, they are good, but they are not as good as the results of other devices, and they also need a larger number of sessions to get the desired result.

What are the reasons that motivate you to perform a saggy body lift without surgery?

If you suffer from sagging in the body in general or in a specific area of ​​your body, especially after repeated pregnancy or liposuction

If you follow harsh diets that cause you to lose excess weight very quickly (more than 10 kilograms per month), which helps in the appearance of sagging and cellulite in the abdomen and the rest of the body.

If the nature of your life forces you to sit for long periods, in addition to not exercising regularly

If you resort to a gastric bypass or gastric bypass, which can lose you many kilograms in record time

All of these reasons will help the appearance of sagging in some areas of the body or the entire body, which makes you may consider the process of tightening the loose skin without surgery.

How is skin tightening performed without surgery?

Lifting loose skin without surgery does not require anesthesia, because the devices used do not cause pain in most cases, and the plastic surgeon sets the dates for the sessions you need to get rid of sagging, the number of sessions ranges between two sessions for minor sagging, and 8 sessions for more severe sagging.

At the scheduled session, you must clean and disinfect the skin well, then wear protective glasses from laser rays, then the doctor asks you to relax on the medical bed, and work begins using the device to tighten loose skin, and the session takes between 20 and 50 minutes, depending on the area of ​​the skin.

Advantages of skin tightening without surgery

It is a non-surgical procedure, which does not require an incision or suturing

Does not require anesthesia

Inexpensive compared to sagging skin tightening surgeries

It is suitable for tightening all the sagging of the body and some devices are used to tighten the sagging of the face and neck

It is suitable after dieting, gastric sleeve operations and childbirth

It does not require many sessions to complete

Skin safe

Disadvantages of skin tightening without surgery

The process of tightening sagging skin without surgery is a safe procedure to a large extent, and its success rate is close to 95%, but this does not prevent that it has some complications and damage that can occur in the event that the plastic surgeon was not experienced enough, or he used the device in the wrong way, Which can lead to:

  • Skin burns
  • The appearance of scars and ulcers on the skin
  • Skin discoloration, or spots of a different color

These risks can be avoided by choosing a professional doctor with a proven track record of successful work in tightening sagging skin without surgery, and preferably those who hold a fellowship, or the American or Canadian board of plastic surgery.

How long do the results of sagging skin tightening without surgery last?

We cannot assure the continuity of the results of tightening saggy skin without surgery for a very long time, but the results actually last for a few years, in the case of maintaining body weight, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly to maintain the results of tightening in flabby skin, and exposure to weight loss. Slowly then lose weight very quickly.

How to tighten loose skin after losing weight

After losing weight quickly, the skin undergoes various sagging, from minor to severe sagging. The skin needs to be tightened at this stage.

There are some methods used to tighten loose skin after losing weight, such as:

Surgical skin tightening, in severe sagging cases, usually after obesity operations.

Injection skin tightening: to get rid of fat and tighten the skin at the same time, it is used in cases of minor sagging.

Laser tightening: in mild to moderate cases.

Skin tightening with cosmetic threads: such as tightening the buttocks and others.

Tightening saggy skin

You should hear opinions about skin tightening operations from actual experimenters, and build your own point of view based on those experiences from real experimenters.

One of the subjects of obesity operations, who lost his excess weight in less than 6 months, tells of a story.

This rapid weight loss caused severe sagging, especially in the abdomen and buttocks area.

The doctor told him that he should undergo a surgical skin tightening to get rid of all these sagging skin.

I have already had a skin tightening and now I am a different person with a new body no fat no loose skin and I will start my life again now

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