The heart of men ages in a completely different way from the heart of women!

The heart of men ages in a completely different way from the heart of women!
The heart of men ages in a completely different way from the heart of women!

A medical study, the results of which were published in the American Journal of Radiology, showed that the heart of men ages differently from the heart of women.

These works do not explain the reasons for the difference in this regard, but they shed light on the different forms of heart failure in the sexes, and may lead to the development of more targeted therapies, according to the researchers.

Our results are clear evidence of the notion that heart disease may have different causes in men and women, which requires different treatments,said Joao Lima, professor of radiology at Johns Hopkins University and lead author of the study.

The study involved analyzing MRI images of the hearts of nearly 3,000 adults between the ages of 54 and 64 who did not have any heart disease. These people were followed for 10 years, after which the researchers performed an MRI scan of them to obtain a three-dimensional image of the heart.

It was found in both sexes that the left ventricle, which is filled with blood accompanied by oxygen before pumping it to the rest of the body, shrinks with age. This leads to a decrease in the amount of blood, accompanied by oxygen, that enters the heart and is sent back to the body.

In men, the study showed that the muscle surrounding the ventricle grows and thickens with age, while in women it tends to shrink.

The increased thickness of the muscle and the decrease in the volume of the left ventricle increases the risk of heart failure. However, the results of the study indicate that this phenomenon may develop in a different way in women than in men, the researchers said.

In order to reduce this risk, cardiologists prescribe medications that reduce the thickness and capacity of the heart muscle. However, this study, by showing that the heart muscle in females is contracting, leads to the belief that heart failure is not due to the same causes in both sexes.

Heart failure is a disease that affects more than five million Americans and is reflected in a gradual decline in the heart muscle and its ability to pump blood.

The study also showed that during 10 years, the left ventricle weight increased on average by 8 grams in men and decreased by 1.6 grams in women.

The ability to fill the ventricle, the main part of the heart, fell in both sexes, but faster in women.

These differences in size, mass and ability to pump blood occurred regardless of other known risk factors that affect heart muscle size and performance, such as excess weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, lack of exercise or smoking.

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