Study: Weight loss drugs contain toxic substances

22 amazing health benefits of pineapple in 2022
22 amazing health benefits of pineapple in 2022

Slimming drugs are drugs that help lose weight by reducing appetite or increasing the body's burning of calories. Despite the benefits of slimming drugs in losing fat, it is considered one of the most dangerous drugs because it changes some basic processes in the body.

A recent American study warned against taking weight-loss drugs because they cause a deficiency of many essential elements that the body needs. Weight-loss drugs cause fatigue and exhaustion to prevent the body from absorbing iron and calcium.

The study stated in a report published by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" that slimming drugs contain a large proportion of toxic chemicals that cause changes in the body's hormones. The active substances in slimming drugs affect adolescents and their mental health. The study warned adolescents against taking weight-loss drugs to avoid their negative effects in the developmental stages. The study warned against taking slimming medications on a continuous basis because of their dangerous effect on the stomach lining, as it threatens to rupture it, which threatens some cases with death.

The study revealed that slimming drugs threaten the body with many health problems such as increased heart rate, fainting, bleeding and heart attacks. The supervisors of the study explained that weight loss pills can threaten strokes in cases of excessive consumption.

The US Food and Drug Administration, which is supervising the study, stated that 69 types of weight loss drugs available in the US market negatively affect the health of the body. The study found that most of the weight loss pills users are high school students. The study revealed that the deaths from strokes that were recorded in adolescence came as a result of taking slimming pills.

The report emphasized the importance of exercising regularly and avoiding fatty meals and replacing them with healthy ones to lose weight safely.

22 amazing health benefits of pineapple in 2022

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