Study: Does mango increase weight?

Study: Does mango increase weight?
Study: Does mango increase weight?

There are many popular beliefs that delicious mangoes increase weight, but what is the truth behind this belief?

After conducting modern scientific studies and research, I have broken this rule and proven just the opposite! Scientists discovered that one mango contains a very small percentage of fat, not more than 1%.

A recent scientific study, published on the Bold Sky website, has proven that when three mangoes are eaten daily, they may not gain weight because their calories did not amount to more than 400 calories. On the contrary, the study found that mango may contribute significantly to losing weight and getting rid of burning fat accumulated in certain areas of the body, such as the buttocks, abdomen and buttocks.

The Russian website Russia Today published a study prepared by scientists and researchers who proved that mango is one of the most important natural fruits that contribute significantly to reducing obesity and stopping type 2 diabetes. Doctors also found that mango fruit may contain a large proportion of dietary fiber, which gives the stomach a feeling of fullness and the lack of hunger.

Another American study proved that it was conducted at Oklahoma State University by conducting experiments on sixty mice and they were divided into four groups and they were subjected to different diets that may extend for twelve weeks. The first group included 10% of the calories in fat, while the second group included 60% of the calories in fat, the third group included a high-fat diet, and the fourth group included a diet containing 10% of the calories in mango .

After conducting the study, making samples and tests, and after comparing the mice, the results appeared and found that the fourth group, which included a diet containing calories in mango fruits, lost some of the beneficial gut bacteria caused by a high-fat diet. One of the scientists mentioned that mangoes may contribute significantly to weight loss and low blood sugar levels. He said: Mango is a good source of fiber. It contains properties that help fight obesity and hypoglycemia.

An American medical study revealed that mango is the shortest way to lose weight and get rid of excess fat, after it was found that mango fruits may contain antioxidants. A large proportion of vitamins such as vitamins A and E. In addition, it contains high levels of dietary fiber, which gives the stomach a feeling of satiety and makes you eat fewer foods, thus contributing to rapid and effective weight loss. You can add mango fruits to fruit salad dishes or eat it through juice.

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