Stomach weight loss

Stomach weight loss

Stomach weight loss
Stomach weight loss

Stomach weight loss

The idea of ​​having a taut belly and prominent muscles remains a dream for many women and men in different countries of the world. The basis of agility is the taut abdomen without sagging or fat, as well as the prominent muscles of the abdomen are a sign of complete fitness for men. Since belly fat and the flabbiness that affects it are an obstacle to obtaining a tight abdomen, reaching a radical solution to this problem has become an inevitable necessity.

Abdominal slimming techniques are many and varied, so that due to their abundance, you will not know which one to choose, but in this article you will know the essential differences between the most popular surgical and non-surgical ways to reduce the abdomen and buttocks, and then you can visualize the technique you want, and discuss with your doctor the possibility of performing it for you.

Liposuction surgeries

Surgical liposuction of the abdomen is one of the oldest methods used to lose belly fat, because cosmetic medicine started using surgical methods first, then the matter evolved to use non-surgical alternatives. Although non-surgical methods have proven to be extremely successful in losing the abdomen, the surgical method of liposuction is still popular with some people, perhaps because other alternatives do not suit them.

Liposuction is only suitable for people who have accumulated a large amount of localized fat, that is, they have some areas of their body in which fat is more concentrated than other areas, and it is not suitable for people who suffer from a general increase in weight or whose body mass is very large.

In the past, the operation was performed under the influence of general anesthesia, but with the development and progress in the field of cosmetic medicine, it has become possible to perform surgery under the influence of epidural anesthesia, as the person is aware of what is happening, but does not feel that the operation is performed at all.

After anesthesia and abdominal planning with a pen to determine the places that will be liposuction from, the doctor uses the scalpel to make small surgical incisions in the areas he identified in the abdomen, then inserts a tool connected to a device for liposuction from the abdomen, and after completing the entire abdominal area, the doctor stitches the incisions using medical threads .

This operation helps to lose weight in the abdomen and buttocks surprisingly, but the doctor’s advice must be adhered to during the recovery period and after recovery to maintain the results.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it does not help completely get rid of sagging abdomen, on the contrary; The lack of commitment to exercise after the operation can make the matter worse, and fat may return to accumulating again in the abdominal area.

Laser liposuction

Another surgical technique, albeit to a lesser degree than the previous technique, where the laser is used as an aid in liposuction from the abdominal area or from other areas of fat accumulation in the body. The laser liposuction technique is very similar to the surgical technique of liposuction, in which general or regional anesthesia is also used, and the doctor plans the parts to be liposuctioned from, then makes the surgical incisions, and here is the difference, instead of using a device for liposuction directly, a device like a long needle is used that comes out From the end of the laser beam that melts the fat and turns it into a liquid that is easy to suction, then the doctor finishes the process just like the surgical technique.

The laser liposuction technique for slimming the abdomen, in addition to removing fat from the abdominal area, is characterized by reducing sagging, cellulite and stretch marks, as well as the recovery period after the procedure is shorter than the surgical technique, and this technique is characterized by that the fat will not return to the abdominal area again, but that does not mean that Adhering to a healthy diet and not exercising, this will inevitably lead to the accumulation of fat in other areas of the body.

Belly sculpting

Abdominal sculpting is one of the most advanced liposuction techniques, as it is not only a technique for slimming the abdomen and tightening the sagging, but also a way for those who seek to have prominent and divided abdominal muscles such as athletes and bodybuilders.

This requires those who are going to perform the operation not to have large amounts of fat in the abdominal area, unlike the surgical method of liposuction, which can rid the abdomen of hundreds of grams of fat.

But what if you already have a lot of belly fat, and you want toned muscles and a lean body?

In this case, the doctor will suggest liposuction first to lose weight using one of the two previous techniques, and then sculpting the abdomen as a complementary procedure to get the desired results.

There are several techniques for sculpting the abdomen, the most famous and most widely used is the sculpting of the abdomen with laser, as well as the technique of sculpting the abdomen with ultrasound, infrared and cooling technology.

As for the procedure itself, it is very similar to the previous liposuction methods. The doctor uses, after giving the person complete or partial anesthesia, a tube to suction the fat from the abdomen and around the muscles, so the spaces between them widen and the hexagonal abdominal muscles division becomes prominent.

Abdominal slimming with vaser

Vaser has gained fame in recent years as one of the ways to reduce the abdomen, so that many people go to the plastic surgeon and ask for this technique and not others, because it has advantages that make it the best in the field of abdominal slimming and highlighting the muscles.

Vaser technology relies on sound waves as a main factor. Contrary to what many expect, the Vaser technology does not depend on laser beams in its work, as the sound waves dissolve the fat cells between the muscles to facilitate the suction process that is carried out through a thin tube called the cannula.

Vaser liposuction technique is similar in the way it is performed with the surgical techniques of liposuction from the abdomen, but with some difference, for example, the area to be liposuction is injected with a quantity of sterile saline solution, which has a great role in determining the fat cells to be broken down, and removing the capillaries and vessels. hemorrhage to reduce potential hemorrhage.

Advantages of reducing the abdomen with Vaser

Accuracy in identifying the fat cells to be dissolved and suctioned, even if they are between tissues.

It helps to accentuate the abdominal muscles, like the techniques of sculpting the abdomen, because it helps to expand the spaces between the muscles.

It does not cause as much bleeding as the surgical technique.

The recovery period is shorter than other liposuction techniques.

Laser abdomen reduction

This technique differs entirely from the previously mentioned techniques in that the way it works is from the surface of the skin, so there is no need for anesthesia, surgical incisions, or a long recovery period, as the cold laser technique is simpler than that. This technology relies on the use of modern devices that fire laser beams at high frequencies and at low temperatures, so this technology does not depend on high laser heat as in many other cosmetic procedures, but rather on the power of light frequencies to break up fat from above the surface of the skin, and transform it into Fluids are naturally excreted from the body either through sweating or excretion.

This technique is characterized by several advantages, the most important of which - as we mentioned earlier - is that it is non-surgical, but its disadvantage is that it may need a longer number of sessions to reach the required results, the more the amount of fat in the abdomen is, the greater the number of sessions. It takes one session to get rid of all the fat, no matter how much it is.

The costs of this technology are also high due to the high prices of medical devices used in it, as the cost ranges between 4000 US dollars and up to 10000 dollars in some countries. Men often resort to this technique to get six-pack abdominal muscles, as well as women who want to lose weight after pregnancy and childbirth.

Mesotherapy injections for slimming

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique in which the fatty layer under the skin is injected with a group of ingredients including acids, hormones, vitamins, salts and other chemical and natural compounds that help in slimming.

The components and their concentration vary according to the condition of the person who will receive the mesotherapy injection, as it is not used for the purpose of breaking fat only, but extends its effect to treat cellulite. Mesotherapy injection begins by numbing the abdominal area using anesthetic cream, or any other local anesthetic, then a gun-shaped injection device is used, the task of which is to distribute the substance to be injected over the entire area without pain and in small quantities. The session lasts for a short period of no more than a quarter of an hour, after which the person feels some slight pain and swelling in the injected area, but these are minor side effects that disappear quickly.

A person may need two or three sessions, or perhaps more, depending on the amount of fat he has accumulated in the abdominal area, which he wants to get rid of.

The disadvantage of this technique is that its results are not perfect. Although it gives good results for some people, others do not show effective results even after completing all treatment sessions and after paying huge amounts of a few thousand dollars, but to no avail.

Abdominal slimming belt

If your budget does not allow for any of the above techniques, you can try one of the popular abdominal slimming belts in the market.

These belts are spread under the names of many brands and shapes, making you do not know how to differentiate between them, but they are all divided into several types, the most famous of which are:

Sweating belt: It is the cheapest among all types, and depends on heating the abdomen, which produces a lot of sweat, and the body loses a lot of fluid, but this type of belt has not proven effective results in losing the abdomen, despite the increasing demand for it because of its price.

Vibration belt: It is a belt that sends frequent and rapid vibration impulses to move the abdominal muscles and break down fat.

The best way to lose belly

You must first know that each person has one or more techniques that are appropriate to his problem and the nature of his body, and are compatible with the results he hopes for, and that technology that suits him will not be decided on his own, but he must go to the specialized plastic surgeon and undergo a thorough examination and conduct some analyzes and sometimes x-rays to ensure that his health is on It is fine and it is a good candidate for one of the abdominal slimming techniques.

The doctor should also discuss the desired results, as there are those who want to lose the abdomen only, and there are those who want to highlight the abdominal muscles as well, and there are those who want to get rid of cellulite beside slimming the abdomen, and all the expected results must be realistic and rational and not exaggerated.

One of the important things before going to a plastic surgeon to perform a tummy tuck procedure is to set a specific budget for the procedure, or at least make an initial estimate, so that if the doctor estimates the costs of the appropriate procedure for you, he can know if it fits your budget or not.

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