Running makes us smarter

Running makes us smarter
Running makes us smarter

The fact that doing any kind of exercise (running, for example) of any kind makes you smarter has become a proven scientific fact. Cognitively greater than the other twin.

But let's say that this fact supported by scientific research has prompted you to start exercising, so what is the best exercise to start with? According to a new study, if you're striving to get the most benefit from improving your brain health, you should seriously consider running.

Running can be more mentally challenging than it seems:

To an outside observer, putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly for countless miles may not seem mentally exhausting, but according to a new study of brain scans conducted by Arizona State University, running requires a lot more brain power than it might seem. It is up to him.

During the study, the team of scientists used an MRI machine to scan the brains of 11 people who jogged regularly, and 11 people who claimed they had not exercised at all in the past year. The team noticed significant differences between runners and non-athletes.

According to the researchers, it turned out that the runners' brains showed a number of connections different from those in the brains of non-athletes, and these connections included brain regions that contribute to higher-level thought processes.

The scientists also indicated that the presence of brain connections was greater among the brain areas that are concerned with memory, multitasking, attention, decision-making and processing visual sensory information and other sensory information in runners, compared to inactive people, and the number of connections in the sections that are related to lack of focus was fewer. significantly.

What does all this mean?

It seems that running requires an effort from the brain equal to that from the legs and heart.

According to Jane Alexander, who co-led the study, this suggests that running may not be just a simple activity after all, as it requires complex navigational skills, as well as the ability to plan, monitor and respond to the environment, as well as communicate all kinetic activities The sequence it takes to run, which is very complex in itself.

Being able to manage all of the above means that running is a workout for your brain too, and that it can make you smarter in ways that can benefit you outside of running.

Some caveats:

This is a relatively small study, so it may not be able to definitively prove any link between intelligence and running, and more research is also needed to see if other endurance sports, such as cycling, can offer the same brain benefits. Other exercises are more beneficial  other studies have shown, for example, that lifting weights can slow cognitive decline in older adults.

But in the end, these results at least indicate that, if one of your priorities in exercise is to help your brain function in the best possible way, then running can provide you with this advantage, and in addition, research based on self-reports has confirmed For runners, running really helps them clear their minds and open up space for creative ideas.

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