Experts reveal Amber Heard's cunning with body movements during testimony

Experts reveal Amber Heard's cunning with body movements during testimony
Experts reveal Amber Heard's cunning with body movements during testimony

A controversial testimony by American actress Amber Heard was witnessed in a California courtroom, during her expected appearance in her case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Body language experts said that Heard's movements during the long testimony revealed many things that her speech during the testimony did not reveal.

Heard spoke in front of millions of people around the world, in a moving way, and moments of crying, which did not convince many, while talking about the memories of the abuse she was subjected to by Depp.

The 36-year-old actress finally had the opportunity to confront her ex-husband's accusations that he was a victim of domestic violence, as she mentioned how Johnny Depp was repeatedly violent towards her.

Judy James, an expert in body language, told the British newspaper, Daily Mail, that it is difficult to read the feelings of the actors, as both are actors who know how to play the role of the victim in front of the audience.

But slight movements or expressions, can reveal their true feelings, even if they do not fully reveal their guilt or innocence.

Amber's body language says a lot

During the televised testimony, the actress portrayed her feelings by appearing as if she was crying and wiping her nose, without actually crying, which means that she might exaggerate her reaction or lie in her speech, in an attempt to sympathize with the jurors.

Judy said her hand gestures were in line with her words, and these are usually a sign of honesty, or moves she rehearsed a lot with her legal team.

The body language expert said that Amber Heard used clever tactics to approach the jury and the judge. When she answered, she would sometimes look at them, as if she was addressing them, as she was constantly smiling at the judge for his sympathy, and she also removed her hair to the left, so that the jury could see her full face.

We tend to put our trust in a person more when we can see their expressions, because direct eye movement indicates honesty, which Amber does with jurors, the expert emphasized.

In contrast, Johnny Depp sat during the listening, bulging with his eyes hidden by tinted glasses, staring at the writing or just talking to his lawyer.

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