Does rapid weight loss slow down the rate of metabolism and fat burning?

Does rapid weight loss slow down the rate of metabolism and fat burning?
Does rapid weight loss slow down the rate of metabolism and fat burning?

If you want to lose or maintain weight, you must understand the mechanism of your metabolism and burn fat, what are the ways to speed up these metabolism processes?

Metabolism and burning fat in the body may be one of the common reasons that may require an individual's inability to lose weight, so what are metabolic processes? And when is it slow? What is its relationship to the issue of weight loss and control? What are the ways to speed up metabolism?

Ways to speed up metabolism

Although some people think that the types of foods and drinks may have an effect on increasing the metabolic rate, metabolism and burning in your body, such as: green tea, coffee, ginger, cinnamon and hot spices, the evidence about these facts so far is insufficient, not strong and has no direct effect, and he may respond Each person has each of the previous types differently.

If you think you have a slow metabolism, we tell you that simply being in control of the number of calories you burn through physical activity will help, the more active you are, the more calories you will burn.

The effect of health problems on the process of accelerating metabolism

Some diseases and health conditions can slow down and affect your metabolism, such as; Cushing's syndrome and thyroid problems (lazy thyroid), but the causes are rarely medical and often center around consuming more calories than you burn.

However, there is no harm in seeking medical advice and performing the necessary tests if you suspect any medical symptoms.

Interested information about metabolism?

Metabolism is defined as the building and demolition processes in the body. Metabolism is all the chemical processes that occur constantly inside the body to maintain various vital processes such as; Breathing, food digestion, waste disposal, and others.

These different chemical processes require energy to take place, and the term Basal Metabolic Rate-BMR is the minimum amount of energy that the body needs to carry out these various chemical processes.

 Usually, 40%-70% of your daily energy is used to perform these processes, a percentage that varies depending on your age, gender and lifestyle. There are many calculators and equations that may help you calculate the rate of your basic metabolic processes, and metabolism is usually described as slow when it is This rate is low.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metabolism

Here we will answer many of your questions, which may relate to ways to speed up metabolism and other important information:

1- Why is the metabolism faster for some?

Many factors play a large role in determining your metabolic rate, such as: body size, age, gender, and genes.

2- How does the percentage of muscle in the body affect the speed of metabolic rates?

People who have a higher proportion of muscle to a proportion of fat find their metabolism faster, as muscle cells need more energy to be maintained.

3- How does age affect metabolism?

Age plays a big role, as we get older we tend to gain fat and lose muscle mass, which explains why BMR decreases with age.

4- How does gender affect metabolism?

In general, men's metabolism is faster than women's, because they have more muscle mass, heavier bones and less fat, which is why they need more calories per day.

5- How do genetics and genes affect metabolism?

It has been found that metabolism and metabolism are determined in part by genes, but this is something that is still being investigated.

6- Do you suffer from obesity due to a slow metabolism?

Metabolism is often blamed when you find it difficult to lose excess weight (despite all the right ways to do so), but this has not been proven by studies yet, and some studies have had different opinions:

Some studies have found that fatter and larger people have faster metabolisms, and have higher energy requirements to maintain body size.

Research has shown that overweight people tend to unconsciously eat large amounts of food. When some of them were asked to record what they ate per day, it was found that many of them were recording an amount less than the actual amount, which explains the issue of their weight gain. .

Therefore, weight gain should not be to blame for slow metabolism, but rather the calories that enter the body through drink and food in larger quantities than are burned, so controlling your calorie intake is the secret to losing and maintaining weight.

7- Does rapid weight loss slow down the rate of metabolism and fat burning?

It was found that following strict, low-calorie diets that depend on fasting and deprivation and reducing the number of meals may reduce the rates of (BMR), as following any of them may cause an increase in protein metabolism and muscle breakdown in order to provide energy for the body, and less muscle mass means slower metabolic processes And here the result will be the ease of storing and accumulating fat in your body and increasing your weight.

Best way to burn calories

After we learned about ways to speed up metabolism, and answered many questions related to this process, we must now address the 3 best and most effective ways to burn calories:

1- Aerobic activities

Exercise is the most effective way to burn calories, and it is preferable to practice approximately 150 minutes per week of one of the different aerobic activities such as: walking, cycling and swimming.

You can achieve this goal by exercising 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Generally, to lose weight, not just maintain it, you need to exercise for more than 150 minutes a week, with an appropriate diet.

2- strength exercises

Muscle tissue generally burns more calories than fat tissue, so increasing your muscle mass will help you lose weight.

Focus on exercises that work the major muscle groups; Legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms.

3- Be active

Reducing your daily sitting hours and staying active will greatly help you burn more calories and burn belly fat, so find simple ways in which you consume more energy, such as walking instead of riding in the car, or taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, these changes Simple things will make a difference in your life.

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