Diet regimen for cholesterol patients

Diet regimen for cholesterol patients
Diet regimen for cholesterol patients

High cholesterol is one of the most common diseases during the current period due to many causes.

Among these reasons, the dependence on eating fast food that is saturated with a high percentage of fats that pose a danger to human health and cause high cholesterol, which makes the affected person unable to lead his life normally because it is the disease that opens the door to disease Other dangerous ones include heart diseases, and it is known that cholesterol is a fatty substance that the liver secretes to form cell membranes in addition to helping in the formation of some types of hormones. A diet beneficial for their health helps reduce high cholesterol in the blood.

Cholesterol patients tips

There are a number of tips that cholesterol patients should follow in order to get rid of this dangerous disease and return to a normal life. One of the most important ways to treat this disease is to take medical treatments decided by the specialist doctor according to each case, and the other way is to eat healthy foods and foods that raise cholesterol. It is necessary to eat healthy food in specific proportions and to avoid harmful foods, and among these good foods is oats, as it contains a large amount of fiber that binds to the components of bile and prevents its absorption, causing Helps reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, in addition to eating nuts, they help control blood cholesterol such as almonds, hazelnuts and other foods rich in fiber and other phytonutrients.

Regular oils should also be replaced with olive oil, as it is rich in monounsaturated fats, as well as grapes, which contain some compounds that help reduce fat and stimulate the production of the enzyme needed to regulate the proportion of fat in the blood, in addition to eating garlic and oily fish, and eating liver, especially goose liver, should be avoided. Because it contains a very high percentage of cholesterol and processed meats such as burgers, sausage and sausage, in addition to avoiding eating ice cream, only one bowl exceeds the cholesterol found in a slice of the burger, so care must be taken while eating, and the following is a healthy diet for cholesterol patients to maintain their health.

Healthy diet for cholesterol patients

We brought you the best healthy diet that can be relied upon during treatment of high cholesterol disease, which has proven effective and efficient in many patients, as it is one of the best diets that can be relied upon, as mixing healthy foods together to reduce cholesterol in the blood helps in treating the disease in a period of time. A short period of time, and we will start with breakfast, which contains many important nutrients. It is possible to rely on useful fruits in breakfast, such as apples, grapefruit, carrots or watermelon, as all these fruits help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and can be varied daily.

This is in addition to eating pancakes made of whole grains, which often have a very small percentage of non-animal fats added to it. Oats can also be added to breakfast with a little skim milk or oats can be replaced with strawberries or mangoes, and be sure to eat natural juices. The stomach at home for any of the fruits mentioned above, provided that they are not sweetened. As for lunch, it is preferable to start it by eating soup, especially non-fat vegetable soup, and making sure to put zucchini, onions, carrots, garlic, beans and lentils, as all these ingredients reduce high cholesterol in the blood.

It is also possible for a patient with high cholesterol to eat whole-wheat bread with peanut butter, in addition to vegetable salad that contains a large proportion of natural fibers with the addition of a fruit of the permitted fruit or to eat it as unsweetened juice. As for dinner, it is recommended to eat a cup of yogurt with a handful From lettuce and half a loaf of living age and a fruit of the allowed fruit, this diet will help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body within two weeks.

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