Cellulite removal

Cellulite removal
Cellulite removal

Cellulite removal is one of the problems that women care about, because it is primarily a beauty problem and does not have serious health effects, but this does not mean ignoring the problem, but we are looking in various ways for ways to remove cellulite to obtain a beautiful appearance of the body. This is because beauty is no longer an option in our time, but rather a necessity to maintain psychological stability, and a sense of self-satisfaction.

In this article, we will learn some information about cellulite removal methods. So what is cellulite? Where does it appear in the body? What are the causes of cellulite? What are the types and degrees of cellulite? What are the ways to remove cellulite?

What is cellulite?

Cellulite, also called the orange peel problem, is the appearance of bumps and sagging in the skin, which leads to a change in its texture and appearance, so the skin loses its smoothness and taut texture. Cellulite affects both men and women, but a very large percentage of women, almost 90%, suffer from cellulite in different countries of the world, because the muscular composition of women and the areas of fat storage in their body help the appearance of cellulite.

Causes of cellulite

The main reasons that lead to the appearance of cellulite in the body are still unknown, however, there are some factors that help its appearance in the body, including:

Age related hormonal factors

With age, the secretion of estrogen decreases in women, which reduces blood flow in the cells under the surface of the skin, and the lack of blood flow means a lack of oxygen to the cells. for the appearance of cellulite.

Genetic and hormonal factors

Genetic factors are the slow metabolism, the distribution of subcutaneous fat, and other factors that can help the appearance of cellulite in different areas of the body, while hormonal factors are the differences in the levels of hormones that result from pregnancy, after childbirth, and during menstruation.

Diet and lifestyle factors, including:

Not exercising regularly.

Fluid retention in the body as a result of a certain disease, or as a result of eating foods that contain large amounts of salt.

Unhealthy eating habits, eating a lot of foods saturated with fat.

Smoking, which negatively affects the blood circulation.

Life stress and excessive nervousness, which are reasons that affect Jamal in general and are not a reason for the appearance of cellulite only.

Where does cellulite appear on the body?

Cellulite often appears in the thighs and buttocks area, and it can also appear in the abdomen, chest and arms, meaning that the possibility of its appearance is contained in any of the different areas of the body, specifically what makes it one of the annoying things that greatly affect the beauty and appearance of the body; Which makes a lot of people around the world looking for ways to remove cellulite.

Types of cellulite

Cellulite has three main types:

Soft cellulite

It is the type associated with weight gain, eating disorders and irregular exercise, and it often affects women after the age of thirty, and it appears in both thighs, arms and buttocks at a small depth from the surface of the skin, and does not cause any pain, and therefore it is the easiest type to treat.

Hard cellulite

It is the deepest type that approaches the muscles and causes little pain. The strange thing is that this particular type is not related to weight or age; It affects girls at a young age, as well as the skinny ones.

watery cellulite

This type of cellulite occurs as a result of fluid retention under the skin, so the skin appears completely saggy and the blood veins appear prominently below the skin.

Degrees of cellulite

  • The first: it is the lowest degree of cellulite, as it can often not be noticed.
  • The second: It is a little more severe than the first degree, in which the skin appears like the peel of an orange and has some small bumps, and it does not often appear while sitting or sleeping.
  • The third: It is the most severe degree of cellulite, as the skin appears annoyingly sagging and has many pockets and large protrusions, and it appears while sitting, sleeping and standing.

Permanent cellulite treatment

There are many methods used to remove cellulite, but they are not permanent; That is, it helps to improve the appearance of the skin for a temporary period that may last for years; But there is no need to worry, as these treatments can be repeated on a regular basis to get rid of cellulite permanently, as well as there are several tips that help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Laser cellulite removal

One of the latest methods used to get rid of cellulite from the thighs as well as from the rest of the body, and this technology relies on laser thermal energy, sometimes combined with radio frequency technology, to obtain integrated results that extend for a whole year.

In the process of laser cellulite removal, the doctor uses local anesthetic and gives the person some sedative to reduce tension, although the matter is simpler than that, but some people feel confused and afraid when they perform any operation, even if it is simple.

After the anesthetic begins to take effect, the doctor makes a very small surgical incision, the diameter of which does not exceed one centimeter, and he inserts a thin, needle-like device that emits light rays in three directions, working to break up fat and turn it into a liquid. And remove the contours from it.

After the operation is completed, the wound is sutured with small medical sutures in a cosmetic way so that it does not leave a trace after complete healing.

After the operation, it is recommended to wear rubber clothes to tighten the skin for a period of no less than a month and a half after the procedure, while continuing to exercise to get rid of cellulite completely.

Permanently remove cellulite

Although the fat-breaking technique is not recognized by many doctors in the treatment of cellulite, it has already proven results in removing cellulite from the thighs and buttocks with people who suffer from the first and second degrees of cellulite.

The technique of breaking down fat is mainly used for body sculpting, as it depends on the freezing and destruction of fat cells, and as soon as these cells die, the body gets rid of them automatically. The treatment takes about three sessions, and results are visible after approximately three or four months.

Silvina Technology

Cellfina technology is the latest in cellulite removal, which promises to give you excellent cellulite treatment results of over 90%, leaving your skin beautiful, smooth and without any bumps for about two years.

The Silvina technique is a simple surgical technique, performed under the influence of local anesthetic, in which the doctor makes small incisions in the skin, then serves a small scalpel to cut the fibrous ligaments found in the fat under the surface of the skin. The skin is beautiful and soft as the skin of children.

This technique is characterized by that the recovery period is short, so the person can return to work after a day or two at most, although some swelling and bruising will not disappear before two weeks after the procedure.

The difference between laser cellulite removal and the Cellfina technique

The two techniques are among the best techniques to get rid of cellulite, but there are some differences between them that must be recognized before undertaking any of them, and these differences are:

Cost: The cost of the laser cellulite removal technique is higher than the Cellfina technology, as the laser cellulite removal is about 5800 US dollars, while the cost of Cellfina cellulite removal is about 4200 US dollars.

Surgery: Although both techniques are surgical, the laser technique is more in-depth in terms of surgery than the Silvina technique.

Appearance of results: The results of the Silvina technique appear within the first week after the procedure. In the case of laser, the results are variable, and it can take between six months and up to a year.

The problems it treats: The laser technology treats larger areas of the skin and targets the sagging of the skin, so it is suitable for the third degree of cellulite, while the Silvina technology treats the bumps only, so it is best for the first and second degree of cellulite.

How to get rid of cellulite with massage

Cellulite massage is one of the techniques of laser cellulite removal without the need to make a surgical incision, but in this technique the laser is not the main factor in getting rid of cellulite, but rather becomes an auxiliary factor for massage or massage. without the need for surgical incisions.

And the treatment of cellulite by means of massage or massage is a non-surgical procedure that does not cause pain and has no side effects after its use, and the massage technique is suitable for people who suffer from the first and second degree of cellulite.

The treatment of cellulite with massage takes several sessions, the number of which may range from 5 to 15 sessions, and the duration of each of them is between half an hour and an hour.

The doctor estimates the number of sessions that a person needs according to the degree and type of cellulite. Of course, a person who suffers from the second degree of cellulite needs a greater number of sessions than a person who suffers from the first degree of cellulite.

During the session, the doctor or his assistant passes the laser device on the surface of the skin in a regular motion. The device works on massaging the skin, activating the lymph nodes and stimulating the production of natural collagen, which helps give the skin a tight appearance without sagging. The laser also helps to stimulate blood circulation, which benefits public health in addition to Its usefulness for skin tightening.

Removing cellulite in the thighs

Although cellulite cannot be removed definitively; However, while adhering to some tips, it is possible to reduce the severity of its appearance. These tips also help to speed up treatment and show effective results, while you decided to resort to one of the previously mentioned treatment techniques, and among these tips to remove cellulite from the thighs:

Removing cellulite with sport: Not only does sport benefit in maintaining a fit body, but its benefits that cannot be limited to maintaining health in general, and we do not mean by exercising here violent sports for long hours a day, but we mean some simple sports such as running, walking and cycling for 15 minutes daily as a minimum.

Eating healthy food: Balanced diets have an effective role in maintaining the appearance of your body and moisturizing your skin, and staying away as much as possible from saturated fats also helps you reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Drink plenty of water: Your share of water should not be less than 2 liters per day to get rid of cellulite, as this reduces the storage of fluid under the skin, which is the main cause of the appearance of the third type of cellulite.

Stay away as much as possible from tight clothes and abdominal corsets: although they give a beautiful appearance and taut body, with time and lack of exercise leads to counterproductive results, including sagging skin, it is best to avoid them to get rid of cellulite.

Remove cellulite naturally

There are many natural ways in which the problem can be treated, but it needs to be maintained and continued to get rid of cellulite

Remove cellulite with coffee

There are many natural recipes that include coffee as a key factor in the treatment of cellulite naturally. Caffeine works to expand blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation, which reduces the appearance of skin dimples and aliasing. Caffeine also helps to get rid of excess water under the skin, which is why there are many recipes and ready-made preparations used to remove cellulite. With coffee.

Remove cellulite with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of minerals that break down and break the excess fat under the skin, so apple cider vinegar helps the skin to return to its natural shape. Apple cider vinegar helps in losing weight and lowering blood sugar levels.

Removing cellulite with massage

Massage sessions stimulate blood circulation to the skin, which coordinates the shape of the subcutaneous fat, and the skin returns tight as it was.

Vacuuming cellulite

Leave the surprise aside. At the present time, the social media did not leave room for wonder. Recently, it has spread on women’s forums, with participation from some who advise trying the removal of cellulite with a vacuum cleaner. The scientific reason for this to succeed is that suction from the broom may help stimulate blood circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins. The suction force is supposed to have a deeper effect because it attracts the skin to the vacuum and helps break fat bonds while stimulating blood circulation, which helps to get rid of the presence of dimples in the skin due to the irregular shape of the fat under The skin, but if you decide to try this solution, we recommend that you try the devices dedicated to this, which were specially produced based on this principle with cups connected to a suction device. The cups are designed to be placed on the skin with different sizes according to the area to be treated.

Get rid of cellulite in a week

You cannot get rid of cellulite in a week, regardless of advertisements promoting products or experimenting with recipes on the Internet.

Get rid of cellulite my experience

Kate from the United States shares on Real Self, about getting rid of cellulite my experience started several years ago when annoying zigzags appeared on the thighs area and this coincided with the gain of excess weight, with the passage of time it got worse and began to affect my confidence in myself in general, I decided to resort To a specialist after my failure with the experiments and home recipes, first the doctor advised me to adhere to a healthy diet, drink enough water and do some sports to get rid of toxins in the body faster in parallel with undergoing laser treatment sessions, after a month of treatment and about 4 sessions I found an amazing result, my skin began to become tight And flat and the dimples began to disappear completely, I am very happy and will continue the treatment until I reach the treatment of cellulite for good.

Tighten loose skin without surgery

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