Causes of brown discharge from the vagina

Causes of brown discharge from the vagina

Causes of brown discharge from the vagina
Causes of brown discharge from the vagina

The vagina

 The vagina is a flexible, muscular canal lined with a layer of epithelial cells that provides the necessary viscosity and sensation, and the vagina is the canal leading to the uterus that begins with the vaginal opening on the outside and ends with the cervix on the inside, and the vagina receives the penis during sexual intercourse, and also serves as a conduit for menstrual flow from the uterus during the cycle During childbirth, the child passes through the vagina, so the vagina is considered the birth canal. This article discusses the causes and treatment of brown discharge from the vagina.

vaginal secretions

Vaginal secretions are often normal and regular events, however there are certain types of secretions that can indicate the presence of an illness or infection, and these secretions may be yellow, green, or brown, and may be thick and sticky, and in many cases they have A foul smell, often caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, brown discharge occurs when a small amount of blood mixes with normal vaginal secretions to create a brown secretion, and the reason it is brown is that over time the blood turns from red to brown In the vast majority of cases, a little bit of old blood in the vaginal discharge is completely benign and nothing to worry about, as the brown discharge is just a remnant of menstrual blood from your last period but it took a little longer to clear.

Causes of brown discharge from the vagina

 Usually the woman’s vagina and cervix produce a small amount of mucous fluid or transparent secretions, and as mentioned above, the mixing of blood with these secretions gives it a brown color, which is usually a benign matter and not a sign of danger, but some pathological causes may lead to brown secretions from the vagina while The most important ones are:

Hormones and the menstrual cycle: Hormonal fluctuations related to the menstrual cycle may sometimes cause brown secretions, for example, a decrease in estrogen in the blood at the time of ovulation can lead to brown secretions in the middle of the cycle in some women, and women may notice Those who have irregular periods have these secretions, which is common in females at the beginning of menstruation and women who are close to menopause, and women with PCOS usually have frequent brown vaginal discharge.

Infections and sexual causes: Infections of the reproductive system can sometimes cause light bleeding that leads to a brown discharge. Examples include internal genital warts, gonorrhea and chlamydia. However, it is important to note that these diseases often do not cause any symptoms, and erosion may also lead to infection. In the lining of the vagina and resulting from sexual activity, brown discharge in small quantities, especially in women with vaginal dryness, can also be caused by benign cervical ulcers after intercourse.

Other genital causes: Brown discharge after a period of surgery in the reproductive system may be a sign of a forgotten medical tampon, which must be removed as soon as possible to prevent infection, and brown secretions can also be due to the growth of tumors in the reproductive system such as: fibroids Non-cancerous or benign tumors. Cervical or uterine cancer can sometimes cause bleeding or brown discharge. However, most women infected with these cancers do not have any symptoms, especially in the early stages.

Other medical reasons: Brown vaginal discharge can occur due to bleeding diseases such as hemophilia, or as a result of taking blood thinners such as: Warfarin, clopidogrel, or dabigatran. Tamoxifen used to treat breast cancer may also cause irregular bleeding or brown discharge from the vagina. In rare cases, leukemia can lead to bleeding due to a low number of platelets, which help blood clot.

Treating brown vaginal discharge

The treatment of vaginal discharge depends on knowing its cause. In most cases of brown secretions, the cause is unsatisfactory and therefore there is no need for treatment in such cases. If the cause is satisfactory, the treatment varies according to the disease as follows:

Treatment of brown secretions due to infection: If the cause of brown secretions from the vagina or an infection in the reproductive system, its treatment is by taking appropriate antibiotics to eliminate bacteria or fungi.

Treatment of brown secretions due to blood clotting disorders: Bleeding diseases such as hemophilia must be treated to get rid of brown vaginal secretions, and this is done by taking the patient for the necessary clotting factors.

Treatment of brown secretions due to tumors: Brown secretions must be diagnosed by imaging the uterus and vaginal canal by ultrasound in order to detect any tumors early, if they are present, to be treated by surgical removal in most cases.

The difference between brown discharge during pregnancy and menstruation

Notice the presence of brown secretions in the middle of the cycle may be a sign of ovulation, and these secretions can be bright red, brown or pink because they often mix with the clear white cervical fluid that is also present at the time of ovulation. Brown discharge two days before your expected period, this could be a sign of pregnancy.

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