Burning stored fat in the body

Burning stored fat in the body
Burning stored fat in the body

Everyone dreams of having a perfect body and burning the fat stored in the body overnight, and the question remains, what is the best way to burn the fat stored in the body, and it constitutes an obstacle to the dream of the perfect body. Let's be more realistic; Burning the stored fat in the body requires a lot of effort because what has been gained in years does not go overnight, but there are some ways that may accelerate the burning of stored fat in the body, and slim the body, by following a healthy lifestyle and achieving the dream of obtaining an athletic body. Faster.

Before delving into the ways to burn fat stored in the body, let's get to know more closely about fats and their various sources, and the factors that affect their formation so that we can burn them easily.

What are fats?

They are chemical compounds consisting of amino acids, and they are considered one of the most important sources of energy in the human body. They are available in nature in several different types, some of which are useful and harmful. We get them from two main sources, plant and animal sources, where the individual must eat approximately thirty grams of fat per day, But if the amount of fat exceeds the body's need, it begins to accumulate on the walls of blood vessels and the heart, causing many diseases.

Why is burning stored body fat a problem?

Apart from the look and feel, the measurement of clothes, which varies up and down, and the scale numbers that make us worry, there are many problems of obesity and intractable fat that go beyond mere appearance to affect health, especially belly fat, which is the most dangerous and worst type of fat at all.

Hence, burning belly fat has always been the top priority in burning body fat, as it is also the hardest fat to burn. It also affects cholesterol levels in the blood and may lead with age to problems in the heart, blood vessels, blood pressure and diabetes.

As for the second type of fat, which is distributed in the rest of the body, it is subcutaneous fat and we find it in the arms, thighs and the rest of the body except for the abdomen and middle. It is more difficult because it requires determination, will and great effort to burn fat and tighten the muscles and skin around it.

What are the factors that affect the burning of stored fat in the body?

1- Metabolism

It is the body's ability to burn calories and break down carbohydrates, sugars and fats in the body and convert them into energy to supply the body with it to carry out daily activities, and the lower its percentage in the body, the greater the weight.


The rate of burning gradually decreases every ten years by 5% after the age of 40 due to the decrease in muscle mass.


The burning speed is higher in men compared to women, and this is due to the fact that the volume of muscle tissue in men is greater than in women.

4- Heredity

The reason for the low rate of burning may be due to the inheritance of parents and grandparents.

5- Thyroid disorder

The thyroid gland plays a large role in the metabolism process. When consuming energy during rest time, the body depends on thyroid hormones, as they regulate the speed of the metabolism in the body and can slow down or speed it up, and only 3% of the world’s population suffers from deficiency or hyperactivity. for the thyroid gland.

How to burn stored fat in the body naturally

It is always recommended to resort to natural solutions at the beginning of the process of burning fat in the body, which may seem to some difficult or intractable and long-term, especially when you need to get rid of tens of kilograms, but determination, will and desire to change are enough to reach your goal, and here are some ways and tips

1- Drink enough water

Water is one of the most important nutrients that maintain the health of the body. It helps hydrate the body and protect it from dehydration, rids the body of excess water, and also stimulates the body to absorb food, which helps in burning fat in the body and thus reducing weight. German research has also proven that drinking 6 cups of cold water per day, equivalent to - about a liter and a quarter - helps burn about 50 calories per day, equivalent to losing 2 kilograms annually, because cold water requires burning calories until it reaches body temperature. .

2- Fighting fats with fiber

Eating fiber is the best fighter for weight gain after drinking water, because fiber helps accelerate fat burning by 30% because it takes more time in the digestion process and therefore it is difficult for the body to absorb it easily. Faster, so experts recommend eating at least 25 grams of fiber per day.

3- Reducing the level of insulin in the blood

We can call the insulin hormone the fat storage hormone because the more insulin is secreted after each meal, the more fat is stored in the body. the body ; You have to control the levels of insulin in the blood after each meal, by reducing the amounts of calories entering the body by at least 200 calories per day and maintaining this amount for at least four days and then taking a meal with large calories so that the body does not get used to the amount of calories The daily dose is equal and insulin is secreted in an appropriate manner for the amount of each meal. For this reason, most diets that are based on a policy of starvation are not beneficial in burning stored body fat and losing weight.

4- Spices and hot spices

There are many types of spices and seasonings that mainly help in losing excess weight and increasing the rate of burning fat, for example:


Cinnamon boosts metabolism and helps burn fat, and besides that, it also improves memory and increases focus.


Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin, which is responsible for preventing fat storage and weight loss by preventing fat cells from entering the bloodstream.

In addition, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants, which help treat depression and improve memory.


Cumin helps to increase the metabolic rate, increase the body's ability to burn fat, and helps improve digestion, thus improving the absorption of nutrients within the body.

Red chili powder

Hot red pepper powder helps in burning fat through its ability to suppress appetite for long hours and thus reduce calories, allowing the burning of stored fats in the body.

5- Vitamins and minerals


Vitamin C works to burn fat through the secretion of the hormone noradrenaline, which helps to expel fat from cells, and the secretion of the hormone carnitine, which helps transfer fats to the cells of the body designated to burn them.


Calcium enhances metabolism and thus reduces fat accumulation in adipose tissue cells, and is expelled from the body through urine and feces.


Magnesium helps burn more sugar than the body needs so that the body does not store it as fat in the fat cells.


Chromium stimulates cells to burn glucose to turn it into energy and prevents it from being converted into fat, and it also works to keep you from feeling hungry for long periods.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps maintain the speed of the fat burning process in the body, and also works to absorb calcium in the body faster.

6- Sports

Despite the many benefits of exercise, many people neglect it, but if you really want to burn fat, it helps you maintain the health of your body, and protect it from diseases, so it is necessary to include exercise in the daily or weekly schedule to enjoy better health.

The body actually begins to burn fat with exercise after ten minutes of exercise, or as soon as the blood pulse rises, the body will then start burning carbohydrates and fats, so it is preferable to do aerobic exercises in two periods a day for half an hour, and it is preferable not to walk immediately after eating meals, but After one and a half to two hours has passed; This is because blood circulation is more concentrated in the stomach and muscles, and when you exercise right after eating, the body will digest muscle tissue.

7- Drink green tea or green coffee

The caffeine in green tea or green coffee stimulates the nervous system, helping to burn between 98 to 174 calories per day, and green coffee reduces the stomach's ability to absorb sugar after a meal, and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which It reduces the body's ability to store fat.

8 - Patience

Searching for natural magic ways to get rid of excess weight within two weeks or even two months is nothing but an unrealistic way, and if it is found, it is dangerous and unhealthy and you cannot rely on it. forever.

Is sweating a sign of fat burning?

Sweating is not a sign of burning fat in the body, but rather a way to cool the body during exercise, which is primarily the disposal of water and salts in the body.

This explains the presence of some sports that help burn fat vigorously without sweating, such as swimming.

How do I know that the body burns from stored fat?

One of the most important signs that I know that the body is burning from stored fat is the change in clothing sizes, dimensions and body coordination.

Getting rid of a kilo of fat is clearly visible in the image and body of the body, and some instructions must be followed in attempts to get rid of fat to ensure the removal of fat without affecting muscle mass, such as:

  • Follow diets rich in protein and balanced with healthy fats.
  • Exercising for at least 60 minutes at a time to ensure fat burning.
  • Exercising 5 times a week.

Why does the body not burn fat?

Perhaps one of the most important questions that always comes to you at the beginning of your journey to get rid of fat is the question of why the body does not burn fat?

You may fall into one of the traps that affect fat burning, such as:

  • Not eating enough protein.
  • Exercising less than 30 minutes, don't start burning fat yet.
  • Not drinking large amounts of water.
  • Aging
  • DNA.
  • Some diseases such as gland diseases

Does rapid weight loss slow down the rate of metabolism and fat burning?

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